Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy New Year!!

I just wanted to take a few minutes to wish everyone a Happy (and safe) New Year's!!

Tonight, I will be staying home by the fire (since it's snowing like crazy here). I stopped on my way home from work and bought a couple bottles of wine, some sparkling grape juice, and in an effort to channel Oscar Wilde, a bottle of Absinthe!! It hasn't been legal in the US in years, although we have bought some from overseas. Figured we could have a drink of it at midnight. Personally, I think it tastes a little like licorice flavored gasoline, but that's just me!! Besides, it's not a night to get lit. Especially since I will be in the middle of a Rockin' game of Old Maid!!

So be safe. Have fun. And enjoy the end of 2007 and the beginning of 2008!!


Literary Feline said...

I hope you have a wonderful New Year too! Like you, hubby and I are home, enjoying a quiet evening. No fire in the fireplace, but I wouldn't mind having one.

Nymeth said...

Happy new year, Stephanie!

DesLily said...

Happy New Year and congratulations! (if you don't know what for go to Carls blog!)

Have a wonderful year Steph!

Chris said...

Happy New Year Stephanie! My New Year's Rocking Eve involved Monopoly and Led Zepplin ;)

Stephanie said...

Thanks Wendy!! The fire is always a nice touch! My favorite fixture in our home. I hope this is a wondeful year for you and your husband!

Nymeth - Thanks. I hope you have a wonderful year as well!!

Deslily - Thanks!! I hope you have a wonderful year as well. (And thanks for the heads up. Starting out 2008 winning a new book might just mean a banner year for me!)

Chris - Man....are you spying on me??? After only a few games, we ended up playing Spongebob Monopoly...and listening the new CD I bought for Mike for Christas. That would be the Led Zepplin Greatest Hits cd! Great minds think alike, I see!!