Sunday, August 3, 2008

The Sunday Salon and a July Reading Update

The Sunday's that day of the week again. Is it me, or is this summer just flying by?? It feels like only yesterday that I was posting LAST week's Sunday Salon!!

For this week, I thought I would do a July Wrap-up. I never do this. Usually, I'm rather disappointed in the amount of time I've spent reading. Compared to a lot of other bloggers, I feel so lax. Then again, I work two jobs and have 3 kids. Sometimes I think I'm lucky to read at all!! But my 3rd shift job has lots of down-time. And since I'm the only one on the shift right now, it gives me a lot of time to read. Besides, I get antzy if I go for too long without a book in my hand!!

So here are the stats for my July:

Books Read: 7

Pages Read: 2550

ARC's Read: 1

  • The Safety of Secrets

Books for Challenges Read: 6

  • Life as We Knew It - End of the World as We Knew It Challenge
  • Crow Lake - 2nd Canadian Reading Challenge
  • Garden Spells - Southern Reading Challenge
  • This Charming Man - Chick Lit Challenge and The Pub '08 Challenge
  • Good Omens - What's in a Name Challenge and TBR Challenge
  • Jamaica Inn - What's in a Name Challenge

Favorite Book (s) - All were good, and highly rated, but I think my favorites were Good Omens and Crow Lake.

That's it for my little wrap-up. Right now, I'm STILL reading Bill Bryson's A Walk in the Woods. Taking my own sweet time with that one. I'm also reading Gone by Michael Grant. It's a book I got from the Amazon Vine Program and so far it's really good. Later on this week, I'll probably start something else. I just don't know where I'm going to go next.

Till next week....Happy Sunday and Happy Reading!!


Debi said...

Well, just look at you, girl...all organized and everything! And you got a nice big pile of reading done this month, didn't you? I ought to know, as nearly every time you get a book read, I get one added to my wish list! ;)

Stephanie said...

Debi - All I can say to that is Ha, Ha, Ha!! It's about time I add something to everyone else's reading list!!

Deborah Smith said...

coming in October
Sarah Addison Allen's IN MY DREAMS, A NOVElla
audio download and CD

Bobbi said...

Great list! You were busy in August!

Trish said...

Steph--for three kids, two jobs, and one hubby (which can be like three kids), you had a fantastic month!! I have zero kids, one job, and one husband and didn't come close to that--don't sell yourself short. :) I've got Crow Lake on my wishlist thanks to your review!

John's comments said...

phew and that's a light month lol
My Sunday Salon Post

tanabata said...

I consider H and the boys my three kids but I'd never have time to read if I was as busy as you. And you still read more than me! :)

Marny said...

I just read your review for Good Omens and I'll put it on my TBR pile as soon as I find a copy. I already have Stardust and Smoke & Mirrors on it and I've recently read Neverwhere and Coraline. Gaiman more and more turns into one of my favorite authors :-)

Lisa said...

I'm thrilled whenever I can pull off seven books in one month. I know what you mean though about comparing your totals to other bloggers. I don't think some of these people ever sleep. :) I've just received Crow Lake (for the Canadian) and Good Omens (for fun!) and I'm glad you liked them both. I'm looking forward to starting them soon.

Suey said...

Looks to me like you had a great month!

Bookfool said...

Up until a few years ago, I read about 4 books a month during a *good* month. You're doing great. Kids and work are time-consuming.

Carl V. said...

It isn't just you, the summer really is racing by. And since I'm not a big fan that doesn't bother me one bit. The problem is that all the months are racing by, even the ones later in the year that are my favorite will just careen wildly by! Wish I could somehow slow it down a bit.