Wednesday, January 6, 2010

2009 In Review

It feels weird to do a review post when I haven't even finished posting all my 2009 reviews. But the way I'm going these days, I didn't want to end up posting this wrap-up post in February!!

I sometimes find it rather depressing to read everyone's wrap-up posts. I can not even come close to touching the numbers of other bloggers. There are just not enough hours in the day. But since I've decided to go with the Zen approach to blogging, I'm carrying that over to my reading!!

So....since my numbers are low, this shouldn't be too long for all of you to read! I finished 2009 with a total of 49 books. That's one less that last year and the same as 2007. I'm nothing, if not consistent!! Of course, with the addition of Graphic Novels to my reading, I would have thought I could squeeze in a few more this year. My hopes of ever hitting 100 are swiftly getting dashed. Maybe when I retire, and only have puppies and kittens to take care of! Till then, it's a Dare to Dream kind of thing. I will forever put up 100 as a goal I'd love to make it to someday.

Since 49 is the total, I'm going to give you the top 5....and a few that made the runners-up list. (in no particular order)

  • Looking for Alaska by John Green such a great book. Heartbreaking, but ultimately a wonderful look at teens, love and grief.
  • Hunger Games/Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins - It's hard to have one on the list without the other. I can't even tell you which one I liked better either. Both were fantastic. YA dystopian series. My son thinks these are the Best. Books. Ever!
  • The Knife of Never Letting Go/The Ask and The Answer by Patrick Ness - The same as above. Can't very well have one without the other. Although, this time I actually think I liked The Ask and The Answer better than the first (boycolt!) YA Dystopian Series, like none I've ever read. Gut-wrenching, heart-breaking, heart-pounding intensity. SO GOOD! I actually bought both for Chad for Christmas. Though he insists nothing will be better than HG, I'm trying to get him to read these soon!
  • I Capture the Castle by Dodie Smith - I can't begin to describe what a surprising delight this book was! A look at one of the oddest, most eccentric families ever. Just plain wonderful!!
  • The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman - A year-end Best of List would not be complete without something from Neil Gaiman!! He's been on my list the last 2 years, and this book was no exception. Fantastic YA book, so deserving of the Newberry!!

Well....those were definitely the best I read this year. To be honest, there were very few books I read that I didn't enjoy. I have a few that also made my Honorable Mention:

Finally, a few numbers to add to my (pitiful) list of stats!!

Books Read in 2009: 49

Total Pages Read: 16,286

Novels: 37

Comic/Graphic Novels: 6

Non-Fiction: 3 (AWFUL!)

Short-Story Collections/Essay Collections/Novellas: 2 (AWFUL!)

Young Adult/Children's: 24

By Men: 22

By Women: 27

New-to-Me Authors: 30

So....all in all, it was a rather low in quantity year. But I do have to say, the quality of the books I read was fantastic!! I still have a couple of reviews to finish up before I start my 2010 reviews. (of course, I haven't actually finished a book yet this year, so it's all good!) I have a bunch more challenges that I've signed up for/will sign up for. So, a couple posts announcing those. Then....we'll just see how it goes!!

Thanks for reading my blog in 2009!! Hopefully, you'll stick around for a great 2010!!


Anonymous said...

Stephanie, you read some good books this last year. And it sounds like you had a lot of fun with them. I have been meaning to check out the Fables series. Many people at my library seem to like it.

Don't worry about your numbers. That's all they are. Numbers. Meaningless. There will always be people who read more books, but I liked your sentence about quality over quantity. That says a lot.

Good luck with your reading for 2010. I really enjoy your blog and will be stopping by to see what you are up to frequently. Take care!

Christy said...

I read I Capture the Castle last year too and adored it.

Michelle said...

Do. Not. Worry. About. Your. Numbers. I wouldn't even keep a tally anymore, otherwise, you can fall into the trap of comparing yourself with others. Honestly, that is not what blogging (or reading) is all about. You do what YOU have/want to do, and screw everyone else. We still love you no matter if you read one book or one hundred. All that matters is that you are happy with what you read and how you used your time last year.

As for what you read, seriously, girl - you have the best list ever! You went for quality and read some spectacular books, all of which ended up on my TBR pile. How's that for influence?

Jennifer @ Mrs. Q: Book Addict said...

I don't know how people read 200+ books in a year, I simply cannot do it. I read 51 books last year.

You have some great books on your list. I've been meaning to read I Capture the Castle. Glad you enjoyed it.

Anonymous said...

I'm with everyone else in saying don't worry about your numbers. I read 70 something books this year and was surprised I even got that many read. In the end, I found some great books - and so did you. That's what matters.

I think it's really interesting that everyone so far has liked The Ask and the Answer more than the KoNLG. I'm reading the second one right now and having a hard time putting it down - just like the first one!

Happy reading in 2010, Stephanie!

Chris said...

I'll take quality over quantity ANYDAY! And Steph, you just go ask all of your friends how many books they read in 2009? See how many of them actually read 49 books!! Very few I would imagine! Seriously, go knock on a neighbors door ;) Numbers don't mean anything. What matters is that you read so many wonderful books that you enjoyed!!! And I couldn't agree with you more about your awesome list of top 5!!! I have to read I Capture the Castle now because I've loved everythhing else!!

Diane said...

49 is great almost one a week! I have a few of your top 5 on my list but have not read them yet.

Nymeth said...

Okay, considering how much I adore all the other books that made your top...I really need to read The Hunger Games!

I agree with everything Kay and everyone else said about numbers. Happy reading in 2010, my friend!

Debi said...

Since quality is like a bazillion times more important that quantity, I'd say you rocked 2009, Stephanie! Hope 2010 is even better!

christina said...

These are some awesome books that you read!

Joanne ♦ The Book Zombie said...

I think you did awesome! In my opinion a good reading year means enjoying the reading rather than having a high tally at the end. I ended up reading a lot of books, but the bad thing is that a lot of those books were real stinkers. I'd have loved to have read less if the books were better.

Eva said...

I've read most of your top 5, and they all rocked!!! :D

Eva said...

Whoops-I didn't mean to publish that yet!

I'm seconding everyone else: don't worry about numbers. I was embarrassed by mine, because it was so large. Not having more time to read means that you have a full life, and I'd trade with you any day. :)

samantha.1020 said...

I agree with Kay...quality over quantity is much more important. And besides it still sounds like you read some amazing books! (BTW-I haven't finished a single book for 2010 either ;)

Lesley said...

I didn't read that many books in 2009 either (relatively speaking!) but all that really matters is that we were reading and enjoying ourselves, right?

I Capture the Castle is one of my favorite books - I wish more people knew about it.

Here's to another year of great reading!

Lisa said...

I read 52. I realized a few days before the new year that I was two books short of my goal of 52 and I was determined not to let that happen!

It looks like you read a lot of really great ones though, which makes up for a lot. Quality!

Kailana said...

I think quality is the important thing, though, so I wouldn't worry about it! Happy reading in 2010!

Andi said...

I'm right there with you having finished 40-something books in 2010. Although, from the looks of it, you had much better quality than I did overall.

I'm totally game for a re-read of The Graveyard Book already. Loved, loved, loved it! I'm also glad to see I Capture the Castle on your list of goodies. I was weeding my shelves yesterday, and it's one of the books that survived going into storage to stay on my TBR.

Happy 2010 reading!

Kelly said...

Looking for Alaska & Catching Fire made my list too. Good taste, us! :)

Clare said...

Just found your blog, its amazing. Could you have a look at mine please?