Thursday, February 1, 2007

Does ANYONE like their job???

Oh, boy. Has it been a BAD week at work!! I'm up to my eyeballs with assignments. I work in systems. And I'm on a BIG project team. The idea is to create a whole new Service Parts System for the entire organization. Which is a HUGE undertaking. Once it works, then we have to convert the facilities one by one until all 36 facilites worldwide are on the new system. The timelines that have been set up are so aggressive, we are going to be killing ourselves to accomplish it. The first install is supposed to start July 1, and it seems we are months behind! We have a deadline of this Friday to get all our work done so we can start integration testing. So, this week, instead of spending time with my family in the evenings....I'm spending time with co-workers. Instead of reading a good book......I'm reading design documents and test scripts. Instead of enjoying myself.....I'm miserable.

I'm sure I'm boring all of you with this post. But I just needed to vent a bit. I sometimes wonder how on earth I got to this point. I am grateful I HAVE a job with benefits because so many people in our country don't. I just wish I enjoyed it more. It would be nice to wake up in the mornings and not look at the next 8 (or 10 or even 12) hours with dread. I don't know why I didn't think of it sooner.....but I should have been a librarian. Or a teacher.

Later! (if there's time!)


~Lisa~ said...

Sugar Pie, we are singing the same song. I have been HATING my job lately. Big time. I worked all last weekend, and when I wasn't at the office, I was home bawling b/c I'm so miserable. We have implemented tons of changes and all the oldtimers (have at least 20 years under their belts and one foot out the door to retire) are pissed off. I snapped on Tuesday, and mapped out new responsibilities for some of the bigger pains in the asses. Anything to defuse the beaching. Work sux. BIG TIME. I swear I am ready to sign a marriage certificate, pop out a couple of bambinos, and become a GD stay-at-home, Martha Stewart worshipping, soccer mom. WTF? Girl, this career BS is entirely overrated. Do you hear me? ENTIRELY OVERRATED. Hope your week improves. Tomorrow is Friday. Do you have to work all weekend? Fortunately IT is taking our system down on Saturday, so I have a perfectly good reason to not go in this weekend. F it -- I'm spending the day at the salon. Bunch of jack asses! Drink one for me, I'm recovering from a nasty case of food and drink are 100% revolting to me right now. I currently have no vices. Sheet!

Peace out, suge. Fight the good fight!

P.S. I'm going to crank up Merle's Working Man's Blues for us. This is a bunch of BS!!!

Chris said...

(((HUGS))) Things can only get better, if not, bookmark and hope for soemthing better.

Kristy said...

Yikes Ladies! You girls are making my job seem like a breeze. Actually I am up to my ears, but at this moment I don't care. Not quite sure why. I'll care when the FDIC walks in 5 weeks from now, so I better get it in gear. Anyhoo, I hope it gets better for you both soon and you are rewarded. Good luck with the beaching staff, Lisa. That can be the worst part of my job. I've never asked mine to do anything I wouldn't, but you'd think I was asking them to dig ditches sometimes. Sheesh.

Literary Feline said...

I feel for you, Stephanie. I have been there--probably am there now. :-S Hang in there!

moonbeam said...

Hugs to all you working girls. Hang in there. And Lisa don't do anything drastic. You're not feeling well now so that just makes the job ten times worse, and the grass on the other side of that whte picket fence may not be greener by a long shot, and you'd be just as miserable. I have days when I'd long to be in someone else's shoes. Don't we all? But then I remember days like that, way back when, at the office, too! What to do? Buy lottery tickets, I guess! Hope things improve for all of you!

And Steph, wasn't the Prez at your company this week? Did you see him?

Stephanie said...

Thanks guys!! It's just been a really bad week, and I needed someone to tell me it would get better.

Lisa...Hon, it sounds like you are probably in a worse place than I am. Take care, please!! I can't quite picture you as the Martha-loving Soccer mom!! I WAS asked if it would be possible to work this weekend....I was like, "Are you (*%#%& kidding me??? It's Super Bowl Weekend, and the BEARS are playing!!!" So NO, I'm not working!

Chris....unfortunately, without relocating or getting another degree, this is probably the best I can get around here. But I'm sure it will get better. It has to, right??

Kristy...I know you LIKE your job, and I'm sure that helps when it gets really busy! Good for you.

Lit Kitty....Thanks for the kind words! You take care of yourself too!

Moony....Thanks!! And yes, President Bush was at Cat this week. They were smart enough to keep the resident liberal away from him though!! Actually, they only allowed 500 people in, and it was at the E. Peoria Track-Type Tractors Plant. I work in Parts. I probably couldn't have gotten through all the security and snipers without freaking out!! Yikes! It was CRAZY. I

kookiejar said...

Be strong, Stephanie. It won't always be this way.

Like I always say to my husband, "If only I'd been born rich instead of gorgeous!" ;)

Kimmie said...

I hated my last job. But I held out until my current job came courting me. I make about $6,000 less a year here, but I'm much happier. And I know I wouild have eventually left them without a backup, so things worked out for me.
I had one job once that I hated. One morning I drove to work, and couldn't bear to go into the building. So I drove past and went home crying. So there I was with no job. But I got through. You will too. Kimmie

Kristy said...

Steph, I don't always like my job. There have been plenty of times that I hated it. You just add up the pros and cons and decide whether to stay. Things usually get better eventually. In my case, at least. I get mad at my bosses (like today;-), but they are normally good people. As someone said sometimes it's better to work for an a**hole you know than one you don't. LOL.