Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Latest Pick from the Queen

Queen Oprah announced her newest selection today. She passed on the Classics this time. No more memoirs. Back to the basics. Fiction! This selection is The Road by the reclusive Cormac McCarthy. It was featured as one of the New York Times Notable Fiction books for 2006. Cormac McCarthy is an American novelist who has authored ten novels in the Southern Gothic, post-apocalyptic fiction, and western genres.

The Road follows a man and boy, father and son, journeying together for several months across a post-apocalyptic landscape several years after a great cataclysm (which is unspecified, but has some of the earmarks of a nuclear holocaust or possibly a large-scale asteroid impact) destroyed civilization and most life on earth. What is left of humanity now consists largely of bands of cannibals and their prey – refugees who scavenge for canned food or other surviving foodstuffs.

This has the makings of some good stuff!! I'm surprised that it is an Oprah pick though. Then again, she does go for some depressing stuff!! McCarthy is actually going to make his first TV interview on the Oprah Show. Should be interesting!!



Literary Feline said...

I was surprised to hear this was her choice as well. I have been wanting to read The Road for quite some time and I will probably record the episode she does on it (if I remember when it's supposed to be on!) to save for later once I do read the book.

Chris said...

I don't know if I'll read it or not. Have to think about it. ;)

Suey said...

I think I may have to try this one.... if I can fit it in somewhere!

Andi said...

Wow, I didn't know it would be his first TV interview. I'm surprised she picked it, too, but it is a damn fine read.

Bookfool said...

Oprah is pleasingly unpredictable in some ways, but the fact that it's a "depressing" book definitely fits her modus operandi, doesn't it? I may have to read this one, just because I like the words "post-apocolyptic".