Thursday, March 22, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #2

OK....I'm not much of an American Idol person. Oh, I watch it sometimes. But my taste in music really doesn't fit with the rest of America, because the people I like never win! I dig the rockers, but the Chris Daughtery's and Bo Bice's just don't seem to make it. Good singers go home and people like Sanjaya Malakar remain in the game. When I was watching him sing on Tuesday night, I noticed (like everyone else in the country) the little girl crying for him. (Now, personally I wanted to cry too...but it was because he mutilated a great Kinks song!) And the one thought that passed through my head was "Lord...that little girl is going to grow up to be a stalker! And one with no taste, either!" I guess that thought is what led me to today's Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen People that I would Stalk....if I had Stalker tendancies, of course !

1. John Cusak - I should probably preface this by saying, I am John Cusak's #1 fan!! He is literally the man of my dreams....and has been for almost 20 years!! Since the day I saw him holding a boom box over his head, playing "In Your Eyes" by Peter Gabriel for a girl in "Say Anything", I was hopelessly in love. He is the perfect man: gorgeous, intelligent, sensitive and funny! Even when he plays a psychopath or a hired killer, he's my man!!

2. Kiefer Sutherland - 24 has certainly made Keifer a big name, but I have been enamoured of him since the days of "The Lost Boys", when he played bad-boy Vampire David. It's not so much his looks either (although, I must say he is one FINE man)'s his voice. Whenever Kiefer Sutherland talks, I go weak in the knees. So.....if I'm ever on a plane that is armed with a nuclear weapon taken over by terrorists who are working with bad members of our government and I need rescuing, I certainly hope Jack Bauer is there!!

3. Bono - The man doesn't even NEED a last name! There is nothing sexier than a man who can sing. When I was standing on the floor of the United Center in Chicago on the How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb tour and he sang With or Without You to me (hey now....a girl can dream right?) I actually had tears in my eyes. That man AFFECTS me. And he's a wonderful humanitarian to boot!

4. Trent Reznor - Ok...this one shows a little bit of my dark side. Trent is dark, gloomy and dangerously sexy. Another man that can sing. I've seen Nine Inch Nails live 6 times, and will probably see them on their next tour as well. So what if Trent thinks the end if near? We could spend it together, rocking the night away!! Old picture, but you get the point!

5. Gerald Butler - You may be asking yourself who?? But Gerald Butler is the Scot that starred as King Leonidas in "300". Talk about a hottie!! This man sizzles! If you haven't seen 300 yet, let me just clue you in. Gerald spends most of it wearing the equivelant of a speedo! I haven't seen a six-pack like that in ???? EVER! I actually liked him when I saw him as Dracula in "Dracula 2000". I know. Again with the vampires. But Vampires are SEXY!

6. Clive Owen - speaking of sexy foreigners, you can't forget Clive. Not only did he play King Arthur, he was in Sin City (such a cool flick), Closer and Derailed. He can be a tough guy, and yet, there is something surprisingly sensitive about him. Oh yeah. The accent. If you have an accent, you are already a leg up on the Americans. And good looking to boot?? Yep....I'm adding this Brit to my Stalker list!

7. Dave Navaro - I have a thing for guys with Tats! What can I say? Dave Navaro is truly beautiful.....bad boy biker, guitar player extraordinaire, poker player, tattooed, and gorgeous. I'm in heaven!! I cried when Jane's Addiction broke up. But Dave has the staying power and will be around for a LONG time!

8. Daniel Craig - So he's not suave like Sean Connery, stiff like Roger Moore, or pretty like Pierce Brosnon. (There was another guy, but he was so forgettable, it's not worth mentioning!) This 007 rocks!! He's tough, edgy and looks hot in a tux AND A speedo. How many men can pull that one off?? Add another Brit to my list!!

9. Hugh Laurie - That's right. Dr. House. He's sexy. He's British. And he's so funny! The man has more snark than I do (and to those who know me, that says alot!) I'd stalk this guy any day of the week!

10. Matthew McConaughey - Oh my goodness....will you look at those dimples and those baby blues??? If that doesn't leave you in a puddle, I don't know what will!! He's adorable, has a cute little Southern accent.....and who can resist a man that smokes a little weed, and plays the bongos naked at 3 am???

11. Billy Bob Thornton - I know. This is probably a weird one. But I can't help myself. There is just something......dirty about him. And incredibly sexy!! I'm not sure if it's the tattoos that I'm attracted to....or just the eccentricity. Either way, I'd stalk this man in a hurry. I mean...what's not to love about a guy that makes Santa Claus a dirty name!

12. Adam Sandler - OK....granted. Not the most handsome man in the list. But I'm seriously digging the new Bob Dylan look. Suits him perfectly. Adam Sandler's personality just makes me want to hug him!! I love, love, loved the Wedding Singer. And he makes me laugh. What' s more important than laughter?? Should be very high on the stalkability list!

13. Paul Newman - My last name on the list. Is it weird that I want to stalk a man old enough to be my Grandpa? Probably. But Paul Newman is such a wonderful human being. And still a handsome old coot! Besides, I'm actually talking about the Ol' Blue Eyes, Long Hot Summer, Cool Hand Luke, The Sting, Butch Cassidey Paul Newman. He rocks my socks!

Well...that's it. I promise the next 13 will be about books. Since that's mostly what I'm about!


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Angela/SciFiChick said...

The only one of those that I'd stalk would be Daniel Craig. oh yeah.
Not a big fan of the rest of them though..

Rose DesRochers said...

Lucky for these men you are not a stalker. lol Great list. Adam is funny.


kookiejar said...

That's a great list, Stephanie! I also adore John Cusak.

Keifer is sooo intense. grrrr

Gerard Butler's leather speedo was the best part of '300'.

Hugh Laurie was got some gorgeous eyes.

I totally get where you are coming from with Billy Bob Thornton. Thank god I'm not the only one who feels this way.

I may steal this idea from you for my blog. Hope you don't mind. I'll link to you, of course.

Stephanie said...

Steal Away!! I'm looking forward to seeing what you add to yours!!

Yeah...some of my friends think I'm NUTS with the Billy Bob thing. There is just something there though. Yummy!

Yeah...I HEART John!! My husband already knows if John knocks on the door, he has to hit the road! And he's good with that. :)

Lady G~ said...

My goodness... what a list! Those are mighty fine looking men you've got on your list.

I have to honestly say, that you missed naming one that makes my heart skip beats. Well, then again, you don't know him. I'm talking about my Knight. ;o)

Hope you have a blessed Thursday!

Sheelagh said...

Swap out Dave Navarro for Viggo Mortensen and Sean Connery for Adam Sandler and I'll be joining your stalker's club.

Andi said...

woooooo!!!!! I'll jello wrestle you for Hugh Laurie!!!

I think you might've started reading my blog after I decided to take pity on my readers and let up on the Hugh talk. It was extreme for quite a long time. lol

And Dave Navaro is an excellent choice as well! He makes my knees jiggle.

Margreet said...

Love your list of hotties!!! Most of them could be sons of mine, but hey...I'm still a little girl inside. I share your taste in men apparently..:)No Tom Cruise or Brad Pitt for me!!! Dark and dangerous, that's the way to go.

Susan Helene Gottfried said...

Dave Navarro! I bet stalking him would be interesting; I don't think the man lives a boring, ordinary life.

Happy TT and feel free to stop by West of Mars whenever you want to talk books. I live for it!

Indiana Amy said...

I would agree with some...particularly Matthew McConaghey (my spelling is horrible!) but Billy Bob I'd have to say ick too. Anyone who wears a vile of blood, now that's just wrong! :)

amy said...

My husband and I both enjoy John Cusack movies..This is a great list!

Bernadette Gardner and Jennifer Colgan said...

I'm with you on Clive! Yum.

Tempest Knight said...

Oooh... yes... Gerald Butler with all those nice bunching muscles. I'll stalk him too! Oh, and Dave Navarro... I love those man's eyes! He's so sexy!

Indigo said...

Yummy! Look at all that eye candy!

Vader's Mom said...

That's a fun idea for a T13. Cute list :)

Josette said...

That was one hilariously funny post! Haha! And I enjoyed every bit of it.

Yeah, I don't get why so many people don't really like Daniel Craig as James Bond. I thought he was cool and in control as Mr. Bond. I enjoyed the movie, that's for sure.

Shelly Kneupper Tucker said...

"Is it weird that I want to stalk a man old enough to be my Grandpa?" No weirder than that I would consider stalking a man my son's age! That's a pretty hot list. I'd add Johnny Depp. I've been in love with Paul Newman since I was a little girl. Once someone asked him, with all the beautiful starlets around him, did he ever think about cheating on his wife. He said "Why fool around with hamburger when you have steak at home?"

raidergirl3 said...

Very fine list of gentlemen. I wouldn't have many (any?) overlaps on a list of my own though. In Canada, we hear Kiefer's voice-over on all our Ford commercials. His voice is so distinctive, and lovely to listen to.
Have you read Hugh Lauie's book, The Gun Seller? It was pretty good.
I have some pictures of Pretty Boys on my blog, just to see some eye candy any time I want.

Rhinoa said...

I love love love Trent Reznor! I have only seen them live twice (once last month and once last year) and loved every second of it. He is my god (well not quite but he's pretty damn cool).

I also love Dave Navarro and John Cusack (he was great in High Fidelity). I would add Dominic Monoghan (Merry from LOTR and Lost) and Eddie Izzard (cross dresing comedian) to my list as well as the delicious and very underated Jason Lee (Kevin Smith films and My Name is Earl). I am also loving Cillian Murphy's eyes at the moment.

teabird17 said...

Keifer, yes indeed. And Hugh Laurie... BEYOND yes indeed. Ambrosial!