Friday, June 15, 2007


After my post on Wednesday regarding the article in the NY Sun Times, I was surprised at the response. Sam, at Book Chase, had written on the same topic and he really got me thinking. He used the word "Community" to describe those of us bloggers that have come together to discuss all literary topics. I like this word. Websters defines the word community as a unified body of individuals; people that have a common interest. To me, this describes exactly how I consider the bloggers I have come to know.

It seems that somehow I have "joined" into something bigger than I ever thought possible. When I started my blog, I wanted a place to list the books that I've read so I could keep track and review them. I didn't really think other people would read it. When they did, I was excited. Not just because someone else was reading my blog, but to find there were other people out there just like me. Hopeless bibliophiles! People with which I can share my love of books. Not only did I find people with common interests, but I found people that challenged me to go beyond just reading. Whole new genres have opened up for me. Challenges to expand my knowledge and delve into books I never would have picked up.

And the most surprising outcome seems to be a whole world of new friends. People I can trust and opinions that actually matter to me. When Mr. Kirsch attacked the blogger community, others rallied around to defend it. Matt, at A Variety of Words and Chris at Book-A-Rama both posted their outrage at this attack, as well as many others. Although the Literary Critics may be unhappy that lit bloggers feel compelled to actually voice their opinions, I'm ecstatic to find that I belong to a group of people that care. Care enough to defend the rights of all of us to have a voice and use it. Knowledge is power, and it seems to me that our little community is becoming very powerful. Thank you all for accepting me into your group. Keep up the good work!!

In other news, it seems that with the end looming for Harry Potter, a replacement may have been found. According to the Guardian, a new series of books about a boy archaeologist may be the answer. (thanks for the link, Sam!) Tunnels by Roderick Gordon and Brian Williams was a self-published book that was sold in Gordon's bookstore in Norfolk. The 2 authors pooled their resources to get this book published and it seems to have paid off for them. Barry Cunningham, the man who first signed J. K. Rowling herself, tracked down the authors after reading this self-published book. According to CNN, Cunningham said, "I knew from page one Harry Potter was magic. Reading Tunnels gave me the same thrill." So those of you that are in deep depression over the ending of the Harry Potter series, it seems a new hero may be on the way! Gordon and Williams have been signed by Chicken House Press to create a series of fantasy tales about a 14-year-old boy named Will Burrows that is set in the hidden world deep below London.

And finally, I received an ARC of Warren Ellis' Crooked Little Vein from Harper Collins yesterday. According to the publisher, this book is "full of mind-bending style and packed with a wild cast of characters. Crooked Little Vein infuses Robert B. Parker with Kurt Vonnegut and the madness of the graphic novel world. A surprisingly surreal treat, it will appeal to hardcore comic fans, mystery aficionados, and all readers looking for a riotous summer adventure". With a blurb like that, how can it not be good? Look for a review in the near future!! It's a short read!



Chris said...

OOH, Tunnels and Crooked Little Vein both sound great!

I agree with you 100% on your feelings about book blogging. It definitely feels like a community. I was so pleasantly surprised to find other like minded individuals out there as well. Now I find myself spending hours out of the day online just enjoying the company of other book loving friends....still haven't figured out if that's a good habit or not :p But I'm enjoying it even if I am becoming anti-social...but that's a whole different post...:)

Nymeth said...

Tunnels sounds really interesting, thanks for bringing it to my attention!

And yes, the word "community" sounds just right. Before I joined this book-blogging community, I didn't have anyone to discuss books with most of the times - my friends do read, but not nearly as obsessively as I do. Book blogging has definitely improved my life. But, like Chris said, I could write a whole post on this, so I'll just shut up now :P

kookiejar said...

I agree, Stephanie.

I never would have guessed when I started my little internet adventure that I would find so many people that I have so much in common with. All the people who come to my blog (and who I visit in return) have become my friends, in a way.

I miss them when they take a blogging break, and I'm very glad to see them return.

We are a community, and I'm very happy to be a part of it and I'm glad I found you and my other blogging buddies through it.

Chris said...

I agree Steph!

litlove said...

I couldn't agree with you more about the blogging community - it's revitalised my reading and brought me into contact with so many wonderful readers. And thank you for that information on Tunnels! My husband managed to tell me the anecdote without being able to remember the title of the book or the names of its authors!

Miss Million said...

Miss Million said: ...

Tunnels is nice. Dont know
about Crooked Little Vein. But it sounds to be nice.

I am inspired by you. I mean your bloggin on books. Keep it up. (May be I will start doing that.... :) )

Mission Million by 2012

3M said...

Great post! The book blogosphere is fantastic.

I like the new look!

Camille said...

You're so right on about the book blogging community! I couldn't agree more--book blogging is just plain fun and there is a lovely sense of friendship and excitement about new books to read that are inherent in it. I occasionally used to read the NY Times Book Review but it never made me want to read one of the books they reviewed. Now that I read book blogs, I have a TBR list a mile long and I have more books going than I ever used to. This beef the critics have with book bloggers is just amazing to me.

DesLily said...

followed a link here from Chris' blog.. and dang it... now I want this Tunnels book released so I can get it! I hope you post when you hear more on it!