Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Save Jericho!

You know...I loved this show!! I get so tired of the Survivors, the American Idols, the game shows. Maybe this is because I am completely rooted in fiction!! But this was one great show. CBS decided it would be a good idea to cancel Jericho because the ratings slipped in the Spring. (That wouldn't have anything to do with a 3 month hiatus or being up against a powerhouse like American Idol?) The show's ratings were still very consistent, it was the most watched CBS show on the net, and Jericho has a VERY strong fan base.

This fan base is so strong, that it has launched an attack on CBS! Petitions, websites, and blogs have been at it since the announcement a few weeks ago. CBS has been deluged with emails, phone calls, message boards and even 50,000 lbs of nuts (if you watch the show, you would understand!) Today, it looks like CBS MIGHT be reconsidering!!

So...if you are a fan, check out this site: Jericho Lives. It is time that the networks actually listen to their fans!!


kookiejar said...

I wanted to watch this show, but anymore it seems like you start to fall in love with something and then they take it away from you.

I would watch the episodes on-line if I thought there was any chance that they would keep it on the air. Time will tell.

Skeet is sooo cute.

Chris said...

You know I've never seen this show...I've heard so much about it though..I guess I should go ahead and watch it eh?

Kimmie said...

I've watched this since day one. I'd love to see it come back.

Suzanne said...

We got it back...CBS issued a statement today saying the Nuts Campaign worked!

Shannon said...

I love the new look!

Jeff S. said...

Great show! My wife and I watched it from the beginning. The season finale was such a cliff hanger. I would have hated for that to have been it. We're going to do our best to encourage more of our friends to check it out when they start reruns of it on July 6th. Hopefully it will help a little when if finally makes it back on the air. Jerchio Lives!