Thursday, June 7, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #12

Yesterday, I was working at my computer when I got a phone call. I didn't recognize the number, but I knew the area code. It was from my home town. When I answered, it was a friend of mine from high school. Bryan was one of my best buds in high school. I haven't talked to him in years and it's always fun to chat about the old days and all the new stuff in our lives. But I was told another friend of ours died over the weekend. Stacey was in a car accident and ended up with a blood clot. Now, I went to a small high school. It was just like Cheers -- everyone knew your name! I didn't know Stacey all that well. My most vivid memory of him was in 4th grade. He snuck out some of his dad's chewing tobacco and decided it would be a good idea to try to with the other guys at recess. He ended up throwing up in the trashcan in the classroom after recess!! Hard one to forget!

But he was a nice guy, and that's really all that matters. So..I got nostalgic last night and pulled out my old yearbooks. My first reaction, was oh man....look at that hair!! My goth days didn't hit till college, and in high school I had that big hair, glam rock thing of the 80's going on!! Sheesh...I was a loser! honor of Stacey, I present to you today's Thursday Thirteen topic:

Thirteen Songs from my high school days in the 80's! (I will try to redeem myself next week with some cooler music from college!)

1…. Never Say Goodbye by Bon Jovi - This was our senior prom theme! I loved Bon Jovi!! I mean, come on. Who wouldn't like a band with an album called Slippery When Wet? This isn't close to my favorite song, but I thought it was appropriate to have in the list. I think I was just starting that goth thing about this the late 80's ALL prom dresses were pink, yellow, and white. Mine was black. The ONLY one at the prom!! And it was kick-ass too! I gotta find a picture of it!!

2. Talk Dirty to Me by Poison - Talk about your glam rock!! These guys were it. We listened to this song....ALOT! Bret Michaels was a babe too. He had beautiful blue eyes, and could put on makeup WAY better than me!!

3. Home Sweet Home by Motely Crue. I was a big Crue fan too. Nikki Sixx was my personal fav. I had a thing for bad boys and tattoos even back then. My best friend and I snuck out to go see them at a concert about 60 miles away (we were 16 and our parents NEVER would have let us go by ourselves!) We cried when they played this song. To this day, this is one of my favorite songs. Many memories associated with it!

4. I Wanna Rock by Twisted Sister - I STILL laugh when I see this video. The guy from Animal House yelling, WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO WITH YOUR LIFE??? We used to sing this as we were "cruising", windows down and long hair blowing!! I TOLD you I was such a loser!

5. Pour Some Sugar on Me by Def Leppard. I guess it was just the sexual innuendo with this one that appealed to us!! It would have to be, cause this song kinda sucks, now that I look back!!

6. I Remember You by Skid Row - Talk about a GREAT song to dance to in a high school gym decorated with crepe paper!! Slow music at it's best!! Sebastian Bach definitely knew how to sing a ballad.

7. Sweet Emotion by Areosmith - OK...technically this is a 70's song. Toys in the Attic was released in '75, but we also loved the Classic Rock thing. And this was a prom theme for an old boyfriend of mine. We had a lot fun together, and this song always reminds me of him!

8. Relax by Frankie Goes to Hollywood - Another song that was actually released before I was in high school. But this song had STAYING power. We listened to it all the time!!

9. 1999 by Prince - This was one of the few cassettes (talk about dating myself!) that I ever actually wore out. Little Red Corvette, Let's go Crazy, many great songs came from this one!!

10. Take on Me by A-Ha - Cool video and an even cooler song! Brings back memories on a summer night, hanging out with my friends!

11. What you Need by INXS - My friends and I went to see INXS at the State Fair on their Listen Like Thieves tour. Mr. Mister and the Bangles also played that year! We were young and it was fun.

12. Don't You Forget About Me by Simple Minds - When The Breakfast Club came out, a group of us tripped to Springfield to see it. This movie affected all of us! It was an instant classic and one that we rented over and over again. To this day, I know the movie almost line by line. This song was one of the best!

13. Don't Know What You've Got (Til It's Gone) by Cinderella - I saved this one for last. It was the Homecoming Theme the year my brother died. There was a big tribute to him, a retiring of his basketball jersey, and lots of his old baseball friends that came that year. I was actually in college, but it still reminds me of high school. And I thought it was a fitting way to end my little dedication to a friend that passed away. God Bless his wife and kids.

I could probably go on and list at least another 13, but I won't. And I hope to redeem myself with a "Cooler" 13 next week!!

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Matt said...

Nice pick for the Thirteen, I've always been a fan of 80s music. I have to say I wasn't much into the kind of bands in #1-7 but I've got 10, 11 and maybe 12 on my iPod right now.

By the way, with the 80s hair your yearbook must be very entertaining!

Tink said...

I love 80's songs and the ones on your list brought back memories over here too!
My TT is about Google & me. :-)

Norma said...

I realize we're different generations (my kids were in h.s. in the 80s), but I can't imagine being nostalgic for this! I'm doing a blog for my 50th. I didn't think much of that music either.

My TT is up.

Dana said...

Thanks for the flashback! My husband bought an '80's music collection not too long ago and I loved going through all of the cds.

Shelby said...

I remember most of those but I was never in to that music.

happy day :)

Starrlight said...

OMG I am having Prom Flashbacks. We have to be very close in age.

Fess up who owned the Frankie Say Bang t-shirt?

*raises hand*

Meg - Bad Homeschool Mom said...

so you totallllly reminded me of those awful, awkward high school dances I was forced to attend for socialization purposes. :P

Happy TT!

Jess said...

Yep, another '80s music fan here. "Take On Me" is still a favorite today...there's just something infectious about it :) Good list!

pussreboots said...

Sorry for your loss. Thanks for stopping by.

Juzahlyn said...

wow great songs...I should listen to them sometime...great TT

The Rock Chick said...

YAY!!! These are some of my favorite songs from high school.....Class of '83 here--you have to be close!!!

I remember thinking about how 1999 just sounded so far away!!! Little did I know how fast it would get here (and pass by!)

Love the list!!!
Jessica The Rock Chick

kookiejar said...

Isn't bizarre and sad when someone you knew in high school dies? Ugh.

My best friend in high school loved Def Leppard and the highlight of her entire life is going to their concert and touching(!) Joe Elliott's foot. She cracks me up.

ancsweetnsassygal said...

I loved Take On of the coolest videos ever. Great TT list. Happy Thursday!

FalnAngel7 said...

I love your list. That was totally my music then and still is today. I used to be a bit of a Poison groupie myself. Best concert ever was when I got to go backstage and see them. Ah the good old days. Happy TT!

Crimson Wife said...

Sorry to hear about your classmate's passing.

It's funny that I have much more nostalgia for the '80's music of my childhood than the '90's music of high school (I was class of '95).

raidergirl3 said...

Your songs make you sound like you were a little tougher than me, but I want to see the person from the 80s who doesn't love Don't You Forget About Me - best song, best movie. Thanks for the memory lane walk - I'm running scared ahead of your tough self, but we are on the same street.

Drew said...

I love most of the songs that you listed. I actually think all put one or two of them are on my iPod. Great list!

Marg said...

I don't know that you need to redeem yourself really - there's some great songs on your list!