Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Did you Watch it??

Hopefully I'm not the only one who was incredibly excited for the season premiere of Jericho last night! I know my friend Kookie was watching, since I talked her into renting the first season on Netflix. Now she's hooked!! This is truly one of my favorite shows. (Truth be told, I think I have a slight crush on Mr. Skeet Ulrich!) Besides, it's in the legendary status of TV Shows. A show that was cancelled by the network....and brought back by a deluge of fan support. THAT doesn't happen....ever! So....we definitely need to keep the ratings up so it sticks around for a while longer.

This season is going to be good too. It started out 4 weeks after the ending of last season's battle. After Jake, I definitely think Mimi is my favorite character. That girl's got a big set of brass ones, if you know what I mean!! So WATCH it!!

Other than that, not much going on around the Toland household. Both Bonnie and Chris gave me the You Make My Day award. I love you guys!! It warms my soul to know that you like to read my blog!! And you both make my day as well!! I've already passed this little one along, so I don't see the point in nominating anyone else. Yeah, I know it's a cop out. But seriously, you ALL make my day. It's nice to come home and read comments from the masses. So consider yourselves nominated if you are reading this post!!

Bonnie also gave me a Friendly Site Award. And I know I need to pass this along, but I'm limited on time. So expect to see another post soon!!



Debi said...

NOTHING could have kept me from the TV last night! By the way, you have good taste in crushes...oh my, but that Mr. Ulrich is so fine to look at, huh?

Angela/SciFiChick said...

Can't say I've ever watched an episode! It's actually never held any interest for me... other than Ulrich, that is.

Chris said...

I was so tempted to watch Jericho last night, but I didn't :( I still have to watch the first I added it to my Netflix! I still haven't done my You Make My Day Post :/ But you'd definitely be on mine, so consider yourself nominated by me too ;)

Ladytink_534 said...

I've always had a major crush on Skeet Ulrich as well (I named my cockatiel after him lol) but although I've always meant to, I never got around to watching this series. The main reason was probably because I heard it almost got cancelled last year and after the loss of my Veronica Mars I don't think I could take anymore lol.

Bookfool said...

I almost bought the entire series but my husband said, "Oh, that wasn't any good. They canceled it after just the one season." Duh. It sounded so good. Never listen to husbands.

cj said...

Well, I don't watch Jericho and am not likely to start but I would like to point out that Jericho is not the only show that viewers have saved from cancellation.

Star Trek was the first, I believe. Then there's Cagney and Lacey and Battlestar Glactica, too.

Anyway, I'm glad it's back for you. Enjoy the trip.


Rhinoa said...

I don't think we have it in the UK yet. Skeet Ulrich - wow I haven't heard his name since The Craft which I randomly watched about a week or two ago!

Amanda said...

I wanted to absolutely BEAT my husband! He insisted the show didn't premiere until this week, so of course we missed the first episode! Hopefully we can find it as a download somewhere!