Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Vampires and Werewolves and Demons....Oh My!

See? Told you I was excited about this series! So much so, that I jumped right into Book 2 of the Mercy Thompson Series by Patricia Briggs: Blood Bound (304 pgs., Ace).

Like most people that own their own businesses, I work long hours that start early in the morning. So when someone calls me in the middle of the night, they'd better by dying. "Hello, Mercy," said Stefan's amicable voice in my ear, "I wonder if you could do me a favor." Stefan had done his dying a long time ago, so I saw no reason to be nice."

Stefan is Mercy's vampire friend. If you could possibly call a vampire a friend, that is. And yes, she owes him a favor. He had gone to bat for her with his seethe when she had some werewolf trouble, and now he is calling in that favor. Stefan has been asked to investigate the appearance of a new vampire in town. One that didn't ask permission from the seethe, which is a big no-no in the vampire community. And Stefan wants Mercy to come along as a witness, in case something happens. He needs her for 2 reasons. Because she is a Walker, she is virtually immune to the powers of a vampire. And she can shapeshift into a coyote and no one will know who she is.

So Mercy goes along on the meeting. But when they meet up with this vampire, she knows that trouble has come to the Tri-Cities. Not only is he a vampire, but a sorcerer.....that has let a demon inside. He actually had the ability to control Stefan, and he's about the most powerful vampire around. And now this new vampire's bloodlust is causing a rather large body-count. Which for a group of vampires that don't want the human world to know their existence is big trouble.

What can I say? This is one fantastic series!! Mercy is tough as nails, funny, and exceedingly humble. I just love her! Strong female characters are always good for me, and Mercy is definitely one of the best. The main storyline is fascinating, as we learn a lot more about the vampire community. And Mercy's lovelife is only getting weirder. Not only is she caught in the middle between 2 dominant werewolves, now there is a little something with Stefan the vampire! Blood Bound is ever bit as good as the first book, Moon Called. Maybe better. I can't wait to see where Mercy goes next!! 4.5/5


Darla D said...

I'm so glad you're enjoying this series as much as I do! I love Mercy, too - she is one of those characters who feels like a friend. Wait till you read the next one!

Stephanie said...

Darla - Damn. It looks like I'm going to have to put all the rest of my reading on hold until I can finish off the next book!!

I so love this series! Besides, where else could I decide who is sexier: A vampire or an Alpha werewolf??

Melody said...

Wow! You sure are in love with this series, Stephanie. ;) Looks like I've to move this book up from the TBR pile!

Debi said...

You know you're making it really hard not to give this series a try, don't you?!!

Marg said...

The first book in this series isn't just calling my name when I walk past the bookshelf...it's screaming and yelling and jumping up and down waving it's arms. I really need to finish a couple of other books before I can read it though.

Maybe if I just go and read now I could justify squeezing it in sooner rather than later.

Darla D said...

I'm rooting for Adam. :-)

Ladytink_534 said...

Have you tried Jennifer Rardin's Jaz Parks series? I read them soon after I finished the current book in this series and really enjoyed them. Jaz is alot like Mercy but she's still human... kind of, and there are vampires, soul-sucking bad guys, etc. Very cool series to read while you wait (I'm impatient right now) for Briggs to write the next book.

Carl V. said...

You're like getting a HUGE jump on the next R.I.P. challenge! ;)

Glad to hear these are so much fun. I've enjoyed the covers...Daniel Dos Santos I believe...and it is good to hear the books measure up!

Stephanie said...

Melody - They are great! Exciting books!

Debi - Come on....You can start ANOTHER series, can't you??

Marg - That's funny. I think you will like them. I know you are a huge romance reader. While that's underlying, it's mostly the paranormal stuff that I like. I hope you like it!

Darla - I've always had a soft spot for Vampires myself. But in this case, I'm thinking Adam is probably the one I'd go for too!

Tink - No. I haven't heard of those, but I'll be checking into them right away! Thanks!

Carl - Don't you know it's ALWAYS RIP time around here??

You are right about the cover. Daniel Dos Santos did them. Very good!

Andrea said...

I'm always looking for good vampire books! I'll have to check out the first one in this series.

Trish said...

I love strong female characters as well--and damn she looks fiesty! I think I said that about the last cover you posted as well--but seriously! :)

Rhinoa said...

I think this is my favourite urban fantasy series around at the moment. The next book is great as well although much darker than the first two. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.