Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Stephen King is Cool

What can I say? Stephen King is probably my very favorite author. I've spent many a night, pouring over one of his novels. Some are so good, they give me shivers. Others, not so much. But every one of them has a piece of Uncle Steve inside.

When I was reading EW this week, Stephen's editorial on all things Cool made me laugh! He really knows his stuff sometimes. "Cool and the Gang" is a must read article, so do! Stephen King is cool....just ask him! "You can find definitions in various slang dictionaries, but the meaning of cool is beyond definition. And, as I said, beyond modification. It just is, man."

Right now, I have my Ipod on, and the first song that came up in my shuffle is White Rabbit by Jefferson Airplane. Now THAT'S cool!

I also just got a copy of The Melancholy Fate of Capt. Lewis by Michael Pritchett from Early Reviewers at LibraryThing. New, FREE books to review are cool!

Tony Soprano was the epitome of cool. I mean, come on. I find myself wildly attracted to the danger of him, and I'm certainly not alone. How else do you explain James Gandolfini as a sex symbol? Enough said.

Paul Newman, in Cool Hand Luke. Just as the name indicates, he was cool!! Anyone who could eat 50 hard-boiled eggs in an hour without dying has to be cool! Besides, he has baby blues to die for!

Sarah Michelle Gellar, as Buffy the Vampire Slayer, was cool. She was a bad-ass when she needed to be, but there was also a soft-side to her. That is cool. And if you've never seen her in Cruel Intentions, you should watch it. She's so cool, she's frosty!

Book blogs are cool. I love reading them. I love writing them. And I love making friends through them. It's about time that books aren't seen as nerdy.

According to Uncle Steve "cool is not a way of life; it's a state of being" and I totally agree. So, I'm asking you, dear readers....what do you think is cool?


Andi said...

A very cool post!! Thanks for making me smile!

Stephanie said...

Thanks Andi!!

John Mutford said...

What's cool...Geez, that's a toughie. Cranberry juice.

Stephanie said...

John - Not exactly what I had in mind!! But hey, too each his own!

kookie said...

I loved that article so much, I might have it framed.

Best quote: "I can't help being 6'3", and I can't help being cool. Same way Michael Crichton can't help being 6'9" ...and not cool."

Uncle Steve knows his stuff. What's cool? Smart people who don't act like they are smarter than everyone else...and cranberry juice.

kookie said...

...and guys with really long sideburns. (almost forgot to add that one.)

Stephanie said...

Kookie - I love most of his articles on EW! He really rocks my socks!! Fine...I'll give you guys cranberry juice!! Sheesh.

Chris said...


Books are cool!

I'm past the age of knowing what cool is.

Ana S. said...

I'm with Andi - this post is cool!

Book blogs are definitely cool. Music is cool. And it sounds like Stephen King is also cool.

Oh... and Neil Gaiman is cool :D

Melody said...

What a cool post, Stephanie!

Let's see... books are definitely cool!!! So are book blogs. And oh, authors are cool too! ;P

raidergirl3 said...

Love uncle Steve. He writes so well, but he's wrong on one count - George Clooney is cool. He just is.
King is right - cool is one of those unexplainable quantities that you just know.
Your blog is cool. And the whole little bookblogosphere is pretty cool.

Stephanie said...

You guys are right. Books ARE cool!!

chrisa511 said...

I think this post is cool :) Lord, I could go on forever about what I think is cool!! As you know from my blog, it doesn't take much to make me happy...just about anything is "cool" to me, lol...What can I say, I'm an easy to please guy!

Suey said...

I'm going to go ponder what I think is cool... I know it'll be a long list... and get back to you. Meanwhile, I'm off to read Uncle Steve's article, which is waiting for me somewhere in this house that I totally intend on cleaning today!

Anonymous said...

well... i'd never thought of uncle steve as cool, but i tell you one thing, that man can sure think up a story! and can he ever!

and stories are cool. good stories are very cool. ergo, the writer of good stories must be very cool himself.

it sounds weird to say this, but i've never read one of his books. not out of snobbery, but out of fear. my imagination goes too wild! but more and more i'm just itching to read his stuff.

what i know of him is from films, and i am 100% sure that his novels are far better. but being a drama graduate (and doing courses in film) we always looked at scripts and "the story". and i tell you, i simply can not think of ANYONE other who comes near to him in inventing stories.

and i don't mean any old story, or a pretty story or good characters or whatever - i mean a story in the classic and most powerful of senses. something which pulls you along with it, that makes you identify with the protagonists and that makes you desperate to find out what happens.

few people can tell a story like that - and stevie is the master of that.

you know steph, with your love for king, you slowly, but very surely pushing me (and helping me) to finally picking up one of his books! thanks!

Suey said...

I posted some "cool thoughts" today... come check it out!

Thanks for a fun blogging idea!

Trish @ Love, Laughter, Insanity said...

Agreed that SMG was fantastic in Cruel Intentions. Great list!

The Bookworm said...

very cool post and cool blog too!

S.K. is my fav.

The Bookworm said...

I just read the article:
'Gotta say it: Nora Roberts is cool. I don't make the news, honey, I just report it'


Anonymous said...

please excuse me... but by stephen kings lack of a definition, and my own ridiculously correct intuition....this entry was not Cool.

but it was good

and john mutfords comment is Cool

and to everyone else; exclamation marks are not cool. my apologies.