Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Under Construction.....a New Blog for a New Year!!!

It's been way too long.    I've missed blogging, and I've decided I need to get back.   Just to stay in touch.   No more joining a hundred challenges I will never finish.   No more worrying about "stats".   No more worrying about who is getting more views.    No more worrying about getting ARC's because I don't have the traffic.   Nope.  

I'm going back to the basics.   The purity of blogging just to spend time doing it.   Posting reviews of books that I want to read.   Talking about things I like to talk about.   No more of the bullshit that drove me away in the first place.   Well....that and the time.   Between working 2 jobs and going to school, the last semester was crazy.   But I'm taking the spring semester off.   For my own sanity's sake (and my bank account), I'm focusing on work and the kids.   I can't afford tuition and my mortgage at the moment.   Sad face.    But I will finish eventually.   I haven't sweated blood the last 3 semesters for nothing.  

So....I'm working on a re-vamp for this old blog.    Not sure what I will me, it won't be anything fancy.   But look for me in the weeks to come.   Happy 2013!!!