Friday, April 18, 2008

Another Challenge....342,745 Ways to Herd Cats

OK. I know what you are thinking. What in the world is going through her head?? You weren't thinking that? Maybe it was just me.....but I'll tell you. Peer Pressure is a bitch! I caved!! So much for finishing the challenges I already started before signing up for a new one!!

But this one has a fun title, a cute picture, and to be honest.....a really cool idea!! It feels very reminiscent of the Something About Me Challenge I participated in last year.

Anyhoo, here's the deal:

Renay from Bottle of Shine is hosting this fun challenge!! (the tl;dr stands for Too Long, Didn't Read, in case you are wondering!) Here are the "Rules".

1. Make a list of ten books you love. That's the only qualification; you had to love (or at least like it) the books on the list. Ten books, a list full of ♥
2. Share the list. (Renay is on LJ, so I suggest going to the Challenge post and reading her instructions on how to sign up)
3. Browse the lists created by our other members, collected here: reading lists! There will also be a master list of books available when people actually makes their lists.
4. Read at least three books recommended by others between May 1st - November 30th, 20082. Of course, more is fine! Encouraged, even!
5. Write reviews of the books you read! As long as folks are reading from our collection of lists, I'll continue collecting those reviews in our account, until the very last second of November 30th. 6. Share the links to your reviews for the challenge by using one of the steps listed in #2.

So....I've thought about the ten books I'm choosing. They are probably already on the master list, but I don't care!!

  • To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee (my very favorite of all books!)
  • The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexandre Dumas (probably my next favorite book!)
  • American Gods by Neil Gaiman (My introduction to the Wonderful World of Gaiman)
  • The Stand by Stephen King (This is my very favorite King and it wouldn't be a favorites list with him)
  • The Book Thief by Markus Zuzak (such a wonderful book. Of course, I can't imagine anyone out there that HASN'T read it yet!)
  • Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close by Jonathon Safran Foer (such a strange book, but I loved it!)
  • The Little Country by Charles de Lint (this is the book that started me down that long road of fantasy reading)
  • Marley & Me: Life and Love with the World's Worst Dog by John Grogan (I dare you not to love this book!)
  • Stargirl by Jerry Spinelli (one of the best YA books I've ever read)
  • Fight Club by Chuck Palahniuk (such a weird, but uber-cool book!)

That's my list....and I'm sticking to it!! No wonderful I'm so weird. Just look at my favorite books!! Of course, I could have added 10 more without batting an eye.

Now...I'm not picking the books I'm actually READING yet. Not a chance. Because once I do, someone else will just add more books to the list. Then I'll just keeping adding more books, and the endless cycle will never stop!!

How about you guys? Game for another challenge?


chrisa511 said...

I am indeed the only person left in the world that hasn't read The Book Thief...I do however own a copy and plan on reading it soon!! You've just added so many on my list for this challenge now! I have a copy of the Stand waiting here for me too as well as The Little Country...oh no, this is getting out of hand :p

Bellezza said...

Yep, I'm up for another challenge. You have a few on your list that are in the back of my mind as well: Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close up is the first one that comes to my mind. Plus, I'm awfully glad you explained the tl;dr. I was wondering what that meant!

Stephanie said...

Chris - See what I mean!! I KNEW this challenge was going to be bad news for my reading list!! I loved The Book Thief. I really did. I read The Stand for the first time, maybe 15 years ago. The one thing about King, he knows how to write almost conversationally. It's just so easy to read. The Little Country is probably not the best de Lint, but it's the one that really opened up the world of fantasy to me. And I loved it!

Bellezza - Yeah...someone else had to explain it to me too!! I really really loved Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close. I read it 3 years ago...and it has stayed with me ever since!

Booklogged said...

The Little Country was my first by de Lint and I loved it. I've already picked my 3 so I don't dare look at the master list again, but I know I'll be in trouble when everyone starts reviewing... It never ends. Thank goodness!

Stephanie said...

Booklogged - You are right. It's great that there will always be great books out there. Trouble is, I want to read them ALL!! My foundation is about to crack now from the weight of all the books in my house!!

valentina said...

I'm so joining!

Anonymous said...

I loved American Gods and hope ot read The Book Thief this year. I picked my reading list for this challenge already as I wanted to read the 3 I picked anyway. I hope to read some extras along the way.

Amat Libris said...

I'm anothe person who hasn't read The Book Thief. It has a remarkable ability to be always checked out when I go to the library!

Debi said...

I'm so tempted to join this one,'s just such a neat challenge. The three on your list that I've actually read are on my top 10 list as well! (The Stand, American Gods, and To Kill a Mockingbird) I need to get to all your other choices soon, 'cause I'd be willing to bet I'd love them, too.

Becky said...

I'm so happy you joined this one. It's so fun to see everyone's list.

tanabata said...

I'm probably going to give in and join this one too. It really is such a cute button! :P

Dewey said...

Chris! I too have yet to read The Book Thief! It's on my pile, though.

You're so smart Stephanie, because with the Something About Me challenge, I made my list WAY too early, and then I was overwhelmed by all the other lists coming in, so I just ignored them. Your way is so much better.

Bookfool said...

So, I'm just wondering . . . did you feel the earth move or were you too far away from the earthshake?

Framed said...

I totally agree with "the Book Thief." I love lending my copy out so I can discuss it with the reader when they are finished. I have twenty books jotted down from the master list that I own and haven't read. Four are on other challenges so I'll start with them and then, we'll see. That master list just keeps calling out to me.