Saturday, July 26, 2008

Weekly Geeks #12 and Amazon Vine

Sheesh. It's been like a week since I posted. Man. Gotta get on the stick, as my kiddies would say. Weekly Geek #12 is this:

1. In your blog, list any books you’ve read but haven’t reviewed yet. If
you’re all caught up on reviews, maybe you could try this with whatever book(s)
you finish this week.
2. Ask your readers to ask you questions about any of
the books they want. In your comments, not in their blogs. Most likely, people
who will ask you questions will be people who have read one of the books or know
something about it because they want to read it.
3. Later, take whichever
questions you like from your comments and use them in a post about each book.
I’ll probably turn mine into a sort of interview-review. Link to each blogger
next to that blogger’s question(s).
4. Visit other Weekly Geeks and ask them
some questions!

At the moment, I'm only one review behind. But I'm reading 3 books, so I'm going to open those up for any questions as well.

  • Jamaica Inn by Daphne du Maurier (just finished. Will review in the next few days)
  • A Walk in the Woods by Bill Bryson
  • The Safety of Secrets by Delaune Michel
  • Twisted by Laurie Halse Anderson

That is my list. If any of you faithful readers have questions you would like me to answer as part of my review.....Go for it!!

============================================== any of you post reviews on Amazon?? I am involved with a Yahoo group that promotes Reader Reviews. It was actually this group that got me interested in starting this blog in the first place. And after reading the first few reviews that I posted, I can see how much better I've gotten!!

Anyhoo, have you heard of the Amazon Vine program? Since I do post reviews on Amazon, I got an invitation to join the Amazon Vine program. What is this you ask?? Oh, just another way for me to get free books!! Of course, it's also more obligation to review, but regardless of that, I'm pretty excited about it!

When I clicked on the invitation, here is what it said:

As one of our most valued customer reviewers, we would like to offer you a special invitation to join an exciting new Amazon program called Amazon Vine. As a member of this exclusive community, you will have access to pre-release and new products across all Amazon categories, and the opportunity to be among the very first to review them. There is no cost to you to participate or to receive Vine products. We are simply asking for your time in writing reviews for the products you select from the program.

Here's how it works -- Each month we will email you a newsletter of new products covering a wide range of product categories, including items that have been targeted specifically to you based on your past purchase and review history on The number and types of
products featured in your monthly newsletter will vary, but you can be assured that we will send you products that we think you will be most interested in. Browse the selection and request items that appeal to you. We will ship those items directly to your doorstep - free of charge - and they are yours to keep. Once you write your review, we'll
post it on the product detail page on with a special badge and header so that it stands out (you'll turn your friends green with envy). As always, Amazon will not edit or modify your opinions, nor share your personal contact information with vendors.

Just way too cool, no?? Every month there is a newsletter and you get to choose things : books, cd's movies, grocery items, electronics, etc. First come, first serve kind of deal because there is a limited number per item. And you can get up to 4 items at a time. You have to review 3 out of every 4 items or you can't get any more. Still sounds fun!

My picks for this month:

Is anyone else involved in this program? I am hoping for a lot with this, and I was just wondering if it all pays off!

Later!! Tomorrow, Blog Awards and maybe a review!


Andi said...

I have Gone on my review pile as we speak. I think I'll give it more attention now that you mentioned it. lol

Stephanie said...

Andi - I'm pretty excited about Gone. Actually, all the books I picked sound really good. I'll be looking for your review soon!

Debi said...

Good for you, Stephanie! Sounds like a good gig! I have a different book by Chelsea Cain in my TBR piles that sounds really good...I've never read anything by her before, so I'm looking forward to your review. Of course, I always look forward to your reviews. :)

Stephanie said...

Deb - made me blush! Sweetheart is the second book in a new series by Chelsea Cain. Book one is called Heartsick. I would never start a series in Book 2, which is why this program is so cool. They actually sent me both, so I could review the second one!!

Lightheaded said...

Gee, Bill Bryson's hilarious adventure trekking the trail! Have you read a Bryson book before? Did you enjoy reading this? Did you believe every story, particularly the one with his friend (I forgot the name, but his trail buddy) because to me those are the laugh-out loud scenes that somehow felt too good to be true and yet believable just the same.

chrisa511 said...

I'm in the Vine program too! Isn't it awesome?? I'm excited. I got three books and a CD this time around and I'm afraid that I just can't get into the CD at all. The books are Chicago, Crow Road (by Iain Banks), and The House on First Street which is a memoir about New Orleans! Yay! I ALMOST got the Good Thief. That one sounded incredible and it was a really tough choice. I'll probably end up buying it after your review :/

Ladytink_534 said...

I want to read Sweetheart SO bad!!! Heartsick was incredible.

Bookfool said...

Why, you greedy little book glutton. Kidding, kidding. I have a friend who reads for Amazon Vine. She loves it.

I've read three of the books you haven't yet posted about -- Jamaica Inn, A Walk in the Woods and Twisted. Loved them all. I'm not asking questions. It requires brain power. No, wait, what did you think of Jamaica Inn? Did the concept of shipwrecking surprise you or did you already know about wrecks off the Cornish Coast? Am I referring to the correct book (it's been a while)? How many du Maurier books have you read and where does this one fit in, as far as favorites, if you've read several?

Bookfool will shut up, now. :)

John Mutford said...

I've reviewed on Amazon before, as well as Chapters. I quite enjoy reading the reviews people post there (as anywhere else) and I'd say they weigh into my decision as to buy or not.

The Bookworm said...

wow, amazon vine does sound great. youre the second person to tell me they've been selected for it. very cool!

Bibliolatrist said...

Hey! I've nominated you for a blogging award - come on over to read more about it, if you're interested.

And I'm jealous of Amazon vine!

Ana S. said...

I'm very curious about Jamaica Inn (the Tori Amos songs helps, I confess). Was this your first Daphne du Maurier? If so, do you plan on reading her again? If not, how does it compare to her other books? Would you recommend the book for the RIP challenge? Did the ending surprise you or could you see it coming?

The Amazon Vine program sounds like a great deal!

Trish @ Love, Laughter, Insanity said...

I haven't heard of Amazon Vine and don't post my reviews on Amazon--but who doesn't love new books?? I see everyone reviewing ARCs and free books and am wondering how I get my share!?!

Melody said...

I've not heard of Amazon Vine but it sounds great!!! The books you've chosen looks good too! Can't wait to read your reviews on them! ;)