Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Under Construction.....a New Blog for a New Year!!!

It's been way too long.    I've missed blogging, and I've decided I need to get back.   Just to stay in touch.   No more joining a hundred challenges I will never finish.   No more worrying about "stats".   No more worrying about who is getting more views.    No more worrying about getting ARC's because I don't have the traffic.   Nope.  

I'm going back to the basics.   The purity of blogging just to spend time doing it.   Posting reviews of books that I want to read.   Talking about things I like to talk about.   No more of the bullshit that drove me away in the first place.   Well....that and the time.   Between working 2 jobs and going to school, the last semester was crazy.   But I'm taking the spring semester off.   For my own sanity's sake (and my bank account), I'm focusing on work and the kids.   I can't afford tuition and my mortgage at the moment.   Sad face.    But I will finish eventually.   I haven't sweated blood the last 3 semesters for nothing.  

So....I'm working on a re-vamp for this old blog.    Not sure what I will me, it won't be anything fancy.   But look for me in the weeks to come.   Happy 2013!!!


Debi said...

Will be wonderful to see your lovely face around again, Stephanie!!!!

raidergirl3 said...

Yay Stephanie!
Happy New Year and Happy Reading!

Bonnie Jacobs said...

Oh, Stephanie, I'm so excited to see you back again!

Midnight Philosopher said...

I'm glad you'll be back blogging! You do need to do it for yourself--I found that out myself.

Michelle said...

It's Stephanie!!!!! (That is my shout of glee from the cold environs of Wisconsin!)

I'll be here waiting with bated breath to see your new look (simple is good) and to help generate lots o' discussions on your site for you. WELCOME BACK!!!

chrisa511 said...

It will indeed be fantastic to see you around again STeph :) And it sounds like you'll be doing exactly what I do these days…just blogging for the fun of it and I tell you I haven't had so much fun blogging since the very first year I did it :)

Carl V. Anderson said...

Woo-hoo, revamp! I'm looking forward to you being back, I've missed you!!!

Kailana said...

I am looking forward to having you back around!!!!!

Eva said...

So I just said this on Twitter, but I'm so happy you're coming back!!! I'm focusing on the basics too. :D And feeling it's time for a blog makeover. There must be something in the air!

Trish @ Love, Laughter, Insanity said...

I always love when I see your face pop up on Twitter and a new post in my reader. I hope that 2013 is a wonderfully fantastic year for you.

Marg said...

Yay! Such good news to have you back!

crobl005 said...

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ErinPaperbackstash said...

Ive had your blog on my list for years. I took a break from it too for a few years but followed you years back when I was active. I've been active again for a year now and can't believe I ever left it. Im happy you're not going anyway, would really miss you. I love blog design too so let me know if you need any help and I'll see if I can assist

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Deena said...

Hey Steph, where have you been. We've been waiting for you since you announced your return to the book bloggers community. Hope you come back soon! :)

Lisa said...

I have come to the same exact conclusion! I no longer accept ARC's, or a very select few. And read purely for enjoyment, like the good 'ol days! I rarely participate in memes, and no longer do the Follow Friday or whatever. Not worried about how many followers, traffic, etc. Just want to read and share my love of books!
good on ya. Look forward to seeing your new creation.

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sylvie said...

Blogging should be fun. I just started after a few years. Have fun :)

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Bonnie Jacobs said...

Stephanie, I moved to St. Louis in 2014 and wish we could get in touch again. Do you still live in a state near me? I still blog at Bonnie's Books, so you can reach me by leaving a comment on any post at

Anonymous said...

Hi Bonnie! My name is Anastasia and Stephanie is my mom!

I’m sure she would love to hear from you. I was looking through her blog for fun and saw your comment and it made me sad. I’ve been telling my mom for YEARS to get back into blogging and she just never got around to it. If you shoot me and email I can give you her contact info so you can reach out!