Monday, January 8, 2007

Da Bears!! I'm excited for Sunday's game against Seattle. They can definitely be beat. Of course, that all's dependant on which team of Bears decide to show up for the game!! I'm still in favor of ditching Grossman for Griese. Then again, I have been since the first game of the season! Maybe I'll have some time to read this weekend between games!!
I found this picture of Sweetness today and it brought back nostalgic memories of the '85 Bears! Walter Payton has been my lifelong hero. I cried my eyes out the day he died. He was a phenominal athlete and a good man....he didn't flaunt his talent the way so many of today's athletes do. He is greatly missed!!
So think of me this weekend, chewing off my nails in front of the TV. I'm thinking it would be a great birthday present if the Bears could win!!

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