Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Historical Tapestry.....Something New

For those of you that like Historical Fiction, I have the site for you!! I have been fortunate enough to be invited to join a group blog that is dedicated to Historical fiction in all forms: historical mystery, historical fantasy, general fiction, etc. There are five participating members:

Ana from Aneca's World
Kailana from Kailana's Written World
Marg from Reading Adventures
and Louise, who at the present time, does not have a blog of her own.

We are an eclectic group from the US, Australia, Canada and Portugal. Hopefully we will have something that will interest you!

The plan is that Historical Tapestry is going to focus specifically on Historical Fiction of all eras, including Historical Fantasy. Hopefully with a good group of people we will get an interesting mix of different eras and subject matter including our different countries. We are also hoping to have a mix of Author Spotlights, book reviews and general info on the Historical Fiction that we like to read.

Hopefully you will stop by and see us at:


Nymeth said...

Ohh, another book blogger from my country!

I don't read much historical fiction and I'd actually really like to, so I'll keep an eye on what your group is reading so I can find some ideas on where to start.

Dark Orpheus said...

Sounds good. Will definitely be swinging by to see what you guys recommend.

Dewey said...

I will put Historical Tapestry into my google reader right now!

kookiejar said...

Looks like a good group you got there. I don't read as much historical fiction as I should, so maybe I'll get some good ideas from you guys.

iliana said...

This is great! I'll be bookmarking to keep track of all the historical books I must read :)

Gentle Reader said...

I'll bookmark it too--looks great!

jean pierre said...

ooh - my wife loves historical fiction! thanks for this.