Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Wahoo!! I Won a Book!

Last week, Carl posted about book giveaways at his blog, Stainless Steel Droppings. He listed a bunch of giveaways that were going on right now, most in the fantasy/sci-fi genre. Of course, I have no problem with freebies!! I'm easy, what can I say?

So....I was logging on this morning and I got an email. I won a copy of Saturns Returns by Sean Williams from Graeme's Fantasy Book Review! He has a great site. If you like fantasy and sci-fi, you should really check it out!! Thanks Graeme!



tanabata said...

You've won my BAFAB Week giveaway as well. Could you please send me your mailing address?

DesLily said...

Wow.. you've won twice!!.. maybe you should consider buying a lotto ticket! lol..

Rhinoa said...

Cool, you lucky bugger! Happy reading :)

Carl V. said...

Awesome for you! You gave a book away recently and you've gotten one in return...that is karma for you! ;)