Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Weekly Geeks and a Few Random Things

OK Chris, you were wrong. You weren't the last person to blog about this....I am!! Dewey, from The Hidden Side of the Leaf, has come up with a blogging Challenge called The Weekly Geeks. It's such a fun idea. She always has the best ones. The Weekly Geeks will have a weekly theme, and as a member, you have to blog about it.

This week's theme is Discover New Blog Week. Sounds easy enough. Check through the list of participants and visit blogs that are new to you. Then I noticed there are over 100 participants. Not quite as easy as I had originally thought....but it is a whole lot of fun!! I spent hours yesterday going through new and relatively new-to-me blogs and I found some great ones. Here are just a few:

Book Addiction is a brand new-to-me blog. Heather is a fairly new blogger, but she's dug in pretty well. Lots of great book reviews and lots of challenges. Sounds like a blog to add to my blogroll!

The Inside Cover is such a great blog! You can certainly tell Rebecca is a writer by trade, because she has a wonderful way with words. Stylish and sharp, her blog is chocked full of reviews, book news and book related topics. She is also starting on online book club that looks like a lot of fun!

Passion for the Page is written by Kristi in Florida. The first thing you notice when you log in to her blog is the BEAUTIFUL header. I think she likes Roses!! Once you get past that, there are some super book reviews. I also think she is a kindred spirit, since it looks like she has joined as many reading challenges as I have!!

Tiny Little Reading Room is written by the Tiny Little Librarian. Since I love libraries, she's all right in my book! Another kindred Spirit, she is in lots of reading challenges, used VAMPIRES as her theme for the Themed reading challenge, and has a Pooh quiz on her blog. I think we might be related!!

Bookworms and Tea Lovers is a very pretty site! Samantha lives in the Netherlands and loves books!! She's in various reading challenges and has lots of wonderful book reviews. This is another blog that's going right to my blogroll!

Reader Rabbit is a blog written by two sisters who love to read. The first thing I noticed was the fantasy books they were reading. Be Still My Heart!! With lots of challenges and great reviews, I'll definitely be visiting again!

Those are just a few of the great blogs I have found as a part of the Weekly Geeks. This is definitely going to be a fun ride!!

In other news, I went to the doctor yesterday. And as I feared, it's definitely a rotator cuff injury, although we aren't sure how bad it is yet. It's either just a strain, a small tear, or it could be something a little worse. Most likely, I'll be able to fix it with steroid injections (OUCH). Worst case scenario, I'll have to have surgery. They got me right in for an MRI. I definitely don't recommend one if you are squeamish about small, tight places. It took all I had not to totally freak out! I go back next Monday for the results. Let's hope for the best, shall we??

Finally, Andi from Tripping Toward Lucidity sent me an email yesterday. I won her copy of The Down-to-Earth Guide to Global Warming. I'm really excited about this. Global Warming is another one of those Hot-Button issues with me. I'm all about saving the Planet!! So THANKS Andi!! I can not wait to read this one....and then I can pass it along to someone else. Every little bit counts, you know!!

Till Later!!


Debi said...

We've got that's really good! Even for adults, if you ask me.

Sorry the news wasn't better about your shoulder! Keeping the old fingers crossed that you won't need surgery. Hope you get some relief soon!

And you're not the last one either...I still haven't done my weekly geeks post yet...I've been spreading mine out, checking out one new spot a day. I've been feeling guilty about my plan ever since I've seen everybody getting their posts up so quickly. But oh well.

Amy said...

Sorry to hear about your rotator cuff. I think I would freak in the MRI too but we have one of the open MRIs here.

Hope you feel better soon!

Chris said...

Sorry about the arm. I hope they get it cleared up quickly without the surgery.

Nymeth said...

I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you, Stephanie...I hope the results are the best possible and that your arm heals fast.

Melody said...

I'm sorry to hear about your arm, Stephanie. I'll keep fingers crossed for you and that everything will be fine!

Wendy said...

Ouch! Rotator cuff tears are NOT fun! Just a word of caution (I can't help it - I'm a physical therapist and can't resist giving advice *smiles*). After the shot, the shoulder will feel much better, BUT you should still be careful with, ice, gentle movement, no heavy lifting. Since you have a partial tear, the shoulder is at risk for a full tear if stressed too much (then you would definitely be looking at surgery). It takes several weeks for the muscles to start to heal. As they heal, they will develop some gentle movement of the shoulder is important when your doctor tells you to start doing that. You might ask for a referral to a physical therapist to guide your recovery. I hope you are feeling better very soon...and I'll keep thinking NO SURGERY to fend off any negative energy :)

kookiejar said...

Take care of that arm...I've got my fingers crossed that it will end up being a mild injury.

Chris said...

So sorry to hear about your arm Steph :( I hope it gets better as soon as possible and as painless as possible.

Congrats on the book win though! Sounds like a great one. Enjoy it!

Andi said...

Oooh, the shoulder injury makes my butt pucker!!! In better news, I hope you enjoy the book! :)

The Whirlwinds said...

Haha. I read most of the blogs you mentioned. And you're completely correct. They are splendid!

Best wishes on your injury and remember... reading is a brilliant panacea.


chatteringbee said...

awww....I hope your arm heals quickly and that you don't need a surgery!

And thanks so much for stopping by out blog.


Kristy said...

Steph, rotator cuff injuries are close to my heart;-) so I'll be thinking of you. I second Wendy's recommendation for physical therapy.

Stephanie said...

Debi - Glad I'm not the last one then! No need to feel guilty. I think your plan was great!

Amy - Yeah...I don't really like tight places. Not fun. The nurse gave me headphones and told me to try to sleep if I wanted. Who could sleep with all that racket?? Sounded like a 747 was landing next to me!

Chris - Thanks!!

Nymeth - Thanks! I'm hoping so too! I'm tired of being in pain.

Melody - Thanks!

Stephanie said...

Wendy - Thanks for the advice. Any and all is welcomed...especially by a professional!! I'm going to see what the final verdict is on Monday. Once we know how bad it is, then we'll figure out what to do. He did mention physical therapy too.

Kookie - Thanks! I'm hoping it's mild too!

Andi - Sorry to make your butt pucker!! Never my intention!

Chris - Thanks!

Whirlwinds - There are some great blogs out there. This Weekly Geeks thing is fun!

Chatteringbee - I think it's really cool to blog with your sister.

Kristy - Thanks! I remember you saying you had problems with this. How long did it take you to recover?

Kristy said...

It took me a good 6 weeks to feel human again. I didn't have the shots, so I think it should be quicker for you. I did have physical therapy. I've had problems with it off and on since for the last five years without the severe pain - mainly aches and stiffness. I started taking Glucosamine/Chondroitin in the last 8 months and it's worked wonders.

Carl V. said...

"Global Warming is another one of those Hot-Button issues"....ahhh, you so punny!!!

Congrats on the book win.

Sorry to hear about your rotator cuff. I did some damage to one back at a Thanksgiving football game a few years ago and it hurt like a bugger and took awhile to heal, but I didn't require anything surgery wise and it did get better. I hope you are better soon.