Tuesday, November 18, 2008

A Book Meme and Randomness

I was doing so well posting at the beginning of the month, and then I just seemed to taper off. I guess I really didn't have much to say!! And I've pretty much spent the last 24 hours in bed with a migraine. Sheesh. I haven't had one in awhile. I guess I forgot the sheer magnitude of them. This one was a doozy, and frankly I'm still feeling the "after shock" of it. But at least I feel slightly better. That's something, I guess.

It looks like winter is here....it's butt cold in the Midwest these days. And I'm just not ready for it. I hate the cold. I'm ready for retirement and Florida! Of course, that's a good 25 years away.....but at least it gives me something to look forward to!! For now, I just have to keep the hot chocolate flowing.

On to the meme. Both Melody and Chris tagged me for the 7 Random Bookish Things About Me meme, so here it goes.

The rules are:
Link to the person who tagged you and post the rules on your blog.
Share seven random and/or weird book facts about yourself.
Tag seven random people at the end of your post, and include links to their blogs.
Let each person know that they've been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.

  • I love books. OK. I guess this isn't a surprise. But I really do. I love the feel of a book in my hands. I love the smell of a new book. I love just having them around.
  • When we moved to this house 12 years ago, I had one book shelf. It was filled with my small collection of books. Since that time, I have added close to 1000 books in my house. My husband had bookshelves built in our "play" room to hold them. As soon as they were finished, I still overflowed!! Now, I have about 4 huge totes filled with books stored away, on top of overflowing shelves.
  • Of all the books I own, my most prized possessions are my 7 Harry Potter 1st Edition hardbacks and my almost entire 1st Edition Stephen King collection. These are books that I will NEVER part with.
  • Even with all the books I own, I still frequent the library. I love the library. In the town I grew up in, we didn't have a library. So when I moved to town, my first order of business was to get a library card. Now, because of the time I spend there and all the books I request of inter-library loan, all the librarians know me by name.
  • I'm seriously anal about reading books in order. There is no way I will read a book out of series order. And after being burned by a few supposedly "stand-alone" books, I won't even read authors out of date published order.
  • I am married to a non-reader. They always say opposites attract, and I think that is true to a certain extent. As much as I love my husband, I really wish we had the book thing in common. I think that's one reason I turned to the internet for "book friends". And I'm totally trying to turn my kids into book people.
  • I started my online journey with a membership into Oprah's book club. Think of her what you will, but she has done wonders for the reading community. Through Oprah, I have "met" a lot of wonderful people...and I still am in contact with many of them today. In fact, some of you reading this blog will fall into that category.

OK. That's it. Kind of boring, but what can I say? Still have a headache to contend with!! For tags, I'll go with:

That's all for now!! Later!!


Chris said...

Hey Steph! I missed you. Sorry to hear about the migraine :( I came home from work with one and I just downed two Darvocets hoping that will help :/ We'll see.

I'm the same as you when it comes to piling up the books! I used to have one little 3 shelf bookcase and that's just laughable now. I have 3 5 shelf bookshelves now and another large 3 shelfer in my room :p It's sad, but I love it!

Melody said...

I hope you're feeling much better by the time you read this, Stephanie!

I don't think I've enough space for a new bookshelf now... most of my newer books are piled on top of one another at our storage room and I fear that very soon one of these days, it'd run out of space too given the speed I'm buying/mooching! Then it's time for housekeeping!!!

Michelle said...

Oooh, migraines are no fun! Feel better soon. My husband and I are just the same - I'm a reader, he is not and there days (weeks, months) that I wish he was more of a reader so I could talk to him about my favourite books, but oh well. There's still my two boys (but I think I'll have a long wait before that time!)

Chris said...

#7 *waves* ;)

Hope you feel better soon!

samantha.1020 said...

I'm a library addict myself and I know what you mean by being anal about reading books out of order. Drives me bonkers. Hope you feel better soon!

Bookfool said...

That wasn't boring! I enjoyed reading it. My shelves are always overflowing, no matter how many I add. I'm working on that problem, though -- trying to purge, slowly but surely.

Hope the migraine leaves you alone. I get them regularly and they suck, big-time.

Debi said...

Oh bull...that wasn't boring at all! I loved reading it!

But first and foremost, I hope by the time you read this you're feeling back to 100%! I'm soooo sorry you've been feeling so crappy!

Nymeth said...

I hope you're feeling better, Stephanie!

Over 1000 books! wow! Now I don't feel as bad about my huge pile :P

Ladytink_534 said...

I have a few Stephen King and Harry Potter first editions but not many. I love my library too! Unfortunately, I also buy more books than I should so they keep getting pushed back so I can read my library books before they're due. I'm an in-order nut too. I visit http://www.fantasticfiction.co.uk/ at least once a day if not more lol.

The only thing my hubby had ever read is The Dark Tower series. I've never been able to convince him to read anything else. I wish he was a reader though :(

Here's mine

Iliana said...

Hope you are feeling better Stephanie!

I am with you, I must read a series in order. That's what I loved about my mystery book group in Dallas - the one rule was that we had to start with #1 in a series. My new book group seems to be all over the place. Hopefully once I've been there a bit longer maybe I can tell them how wrong they are! haha....

Kailana said...

Hey! I did the meme, just haven't posted it yet. Will momentarily. haha, that's funny, you are the only one that noticed that I put 2009 instead of 2008! I think the last part of this year has been rather dreary for me, so I am trying to rush it along!

S. Krishna said...

Did the meme! Thanks for tagging me!

Bobbi said...

Stephanie, it never ceases to amaze me how much we have in common. Except for the fact that my hubby also loves to read, your meme could have had my name on it!

Thanks for the tag - here's my link: http://bobbisbooknook.blogspot.com/2008/11/i-got-tagged.html

Hope you feel better soon!

Anonymous said...

So two things we have in common, besides our love of books:
1. I also suffer from migraines and I know from personal experience that they are NOT FUN!! So I feel your pain and I hope you are feeling better.
2. I am also married to a non-reader. My husband does read nonfiction from time to time because he enjoys learning new things, but he doesn't *love* books like I do... he could probably never pick up another book for the rest of his life and be totally ok with that. So sad.

Lucky said...

Thanks for tagging me! I am luckily married to someone who reads, but he is not quite the devourer of books that I am. Luckily if I pressure him enough, he sometimes reads books I recommend so we can talk about them.

Tina said...

Have you read the new book by Evelyn Lord yet? I found a great post on Peterman's Eye about the book and I thought I'd share...



Trish said...

I'm totally with you about being married to a non-reader. Scott is dyslexic and has such a tough time that I don't even push him. He has read a handful books this year (maybe 5?), and I'm always thrilled, but we will never have this in common. It's definitely why I spend soooooo much time on the blogosphere. You guys are my outlet!!

Hope the migrane is better (I'm behind on my blogging, so hopefully by now it's gone).

Susan said...

Among the reasons why the book community is so great, reason #44: marriage of a book lover (the blogger) to a non-reader. I too have done this, and while I manage to still buy him books - I can't break the habit - he reads maybe one a year. He does at least try to, so I love him more for that. It doesn't stop me from buying books or reading them, though!!
Great meme, and not in the least boring, Stephanie! It can never be boring to read about how others love books also!!
hope you feel better by now :-)