Sunday, November 23, 2008

The Sunday Salon - It's the Holiday Season!

The Sunday Salon.comIt's been a couple of weeks since I participated in The Sunday Salon, so I thought I would post today. I can't believe it's Thanksgiving already. Where has this year gone??? Time is certainly marching on, isn't it? Since I'm working this holiday, we are not able to go home to visit my family. And my in-laws are spending Thanksgiving with my brother-in-law and sister-in-law. To say that Mike and his brother don't get along is an understatement. I know it's hard on his parents, but for us it's much easier if we don't spend the holidays with them. It just makes things flow a little smoother. So it looks like I'm cooking for us this year! Normally, I don't mind. I like to cook. With me working so many hours, it would almost be easier just to order a pizza!! But I promised the girlies we would do this thing right, so it's turkey and all the trimmings for us. And they are pretty excited about it. I guess we'll give it a go.

I'm hoping to take them to see Twilight on Tuesday. I've been looking forward to it ever since I read the book. I hope it lives up to the expectations.

Another event I'm looking forward to this year is the Book Bloggers Christmas Swap. I participated last year and had a great time!! Hosted by Nymeth and Dewey, this is a chance to play "Secret Santa" with a fellow book blogger. I mean, really. How much fun is it to get presents? Last year, the wonderful Carl was my Secret Santa. He got me a wonderful book, some chocolate, but most importantly, had some trees planted in my name!! It was a very cool present, and it meant alot. By the way, it's Carl's birthday, so hop on over to his blog to wish him a great one! This year's Swap looks likes it's shaping up to be just as fun!!

Also for the holidays and the blogging community is the Blog Advent Tour. Hosted by Marg and Kailana. This is a chance to get a peek into the holidays of other bloggers. Each day, a blogger or two will post about something that is meaningful to them about the holidays. It's a great chance to find other blogs that are of interest to well as getting a leg up on that ol' Christmas Spirit!! There is still time left to join in the fun!!

On the reading front, I've been pretty lax. I just haven't had the time...and I'm kind of in a slump right now. I just finished up the second book in Karen Chance's Cassandra Palmer series, Claimed by Shadow. And I'm still plodding my way slowly but surely through The Lost Diary of Don Juan (this one isn't really my thing. Interesting, but just not grabbing me). I need to find a book that really sucks me in. Any suggestions??

Anyway...that's it for me. Happy Sunday and Happy Reading!!


samantha.1020 said...

I love the holidays. Cooking will be a lot of work but will definitely be worth it. Hope you get over your reading slump soon and have a great week!

Andi said...

I totally missed the deadline for the swap which makes me SAD, but I'll have to watch closer and keep my head on straight next year. Enjoy!

Nymeth said...

I hope you have just as much fun with the swap this year, Stephanie! And I'm really looking forward to the Advent Calendar as well :)

Marg said...

Andi, you haven't missed the deadline for the Advent Tour! ;-)

Stephanie, thanks for blogging this!

Nymeth, I am really looking forward to it to!

Debi said...

Sounds like you'll be having a wonderful, cozy Thanksgiving! May you all have a very special day!

3M said...

I enjoyed the Twilight movie and I haven't read the books. I'll be wondering what you think of it!

Have a great Thanksgiving!

Anonymous said...

I wanted to recommend a book && I wasnt sure if you had a specific way to be contacted, ANYWAYS lol

I just finished Reading The Hunger Games, and I have to agree with everyone who has read it I couldnt put the book down.

I had seen it on Stephanie Meyers website and really didnt give it much thought until a friend of mine read it and loved it,

we both cant wait for Book two, which doesnt come out until 2009.

Its a wonderful story, its one of my top 3 favorite books of the year.

However I must point it , it really isnt for young teens, I am suprised its even considered Young Adult ,lets just say if it was made into a movie, it would not be p-13

Carl V. said...

I am glad it is the holiday season. It seems like the year has flown by but despite that I am in the mood for all the traditions and glories of the season.

I hope you have a stress free Thanksgiving despite working and cooking. You could always opt out, get the pizza, and buy some of those nasty Jones cola 'turkey and stuffing' and 'mashed potatoes and gravy' soft drinks that come out every year. ;0

Rhinoa said...

I'm really looking forward to Twilight coming out here. I am participating in the Bloggers swap and Advent Calander this year and looking forward to both.