Thursday, June 18, 2009

Booking Through Thursday - Sci-Fi/Fantasy

One of my favorite sci-fi authors (Sharon Lee) has declared June 23rd Fantasy and Science Fiction Writers Day.

As she puts it:
So! In my Official Capacity as a writer of science fiction and fantasy, I hereby proclaim June 23 Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers Day! A day of celebration and wonder! A day for all of us readers of science fiction and fantasy to reach out and say thank you to our favorite writers. A day, perhaps, to blog about our favorite sf/f writers. A day to reflect upon how written science fiction and fantasy has changed your life.

So … what might you do on the 23rd to celebrate? Do you even read fantasy/sci-fi? Why? Why not?

Uh...Yeah!! I read Sci-Fi and especially Fantasy. One look at my header and you know it's true!! I love them!! I'm a late convert into these genres. It's only been about 5 years for me. A book group that I was in decided to read the book, The Little Country by Charles de Lint. And I was forever hooked!! Some of favorite authors include de Lint, Neil Gaiman, Rachel Caine, Patricia Briggs and Jim Butcher for fantasy. John Wyndym for Sci-Fi. Will be fun posting about them!

What will I do to celebrate? Well, since I have no actual plans, since I had never heard of this before today!! That being said, I probably will do a post on some of my favorite Sci-Fi/Fantasy writers one day....and my favorite books the next. Sounds like a good plan??


It's been a busy week in the Toland household. The kids are leaving on Saturday to go spend the week with the grandparents. Man. I'm going to miss them! So this week, we've been catching up on things, trying to get ready for them to be gone. Swimming on the nice days, softball practices and games. Trying to finish up the laundry so they have plenty of clothes to take with them. Checking in their books for the Summer Reading Program. Watching movies. I'm going to be crazy when they are gone. But maybe I'll get some reading of my own done! I've been so involved with them, I've barely had time to crack a book myself.

I am half-way through Magyk right now. And hope to have it done either tonight or tomorrow. That would put me down to 25 books in the next few weeks. Like that is in any way possible!! Dare to dream, I guess!!

I do have the first book to read for the Nerds Heart YA challenge though. Kelly from YAnnabe choose The Latent Powers of Dylan Fontaine over Leftovers in the first round! So, Dylan Fontaine is waiting for me at the library! I'm still waiting to hear the other selection.

That's it for now!! Happy Thursday everyone!!


Sci-Fi is the Best! said...

Come on everybody help make the 23rd Science Fiction day.

Jess said...

Sounds like a great plan. I just started reading Gaiman's The Sandman series and am really enjoying it.

Bluestocking said...

I'll be having a discussion in Cafe Blue my forum. HOpe you can join me that day. Here is mine

Michelle said...

Stephanie, I figured this topic was right up your alley when I first saw it this morning. I definitely read more sci-fi and fantasy than I ever considered, but I suspect that you already knew that about me. With 25 books left, you probably won't want to re-read Twilight and New Moon with me next week. Let me know when you are ready to read Eclipse, and I would be happy to discuss it with you.

Trish said...

I have to admit that I'm still pretty timid of science fiction, but I've really come to enjoy fantasy books over the past year or too--and it definitely helps having the encouragement and recommendations of bloggers like you, Nymeth, Debi, and Chris.

Hope you have a great week--as quiet as it may be. Sometimes that's nice, though.

Susan said...

I saw this Booking question too and posted about it also!! I'll be doing something on June 23, not sure what yet. What an excellent question though, what fantasy or sf changed your life....or if you don't read it. I didn't know though that you've only been reading it for 5 years! You've been reading so much to catch up on it! lol

Enjoy your quiet time! you so deserve it, Stephanie.

DesLily said...

ohhh i very much enjoyed the Septimus Heap books! I hope you are enjoying them also.

My thinking cap has been in repairs lately but I hope to joing the Science fiction day/ fantasy.

Shari said...

Yes, your header gave you away! As soon as I saw it I thought I knew what your answer would be! Nice post. I am a fairly recent convert to fantasy too, apart from the kids stories that I grew up with.

anthonynorth said...

Wyndham is certainly one of my favourite sci fi writers, but I think Philip K Dick tops him.