Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Why I LOVE my Library, Nerds Heart YA, and a Blogging Friend

I do so love my library!! Today is the kick-off to the Summer Reading Program and I took the kiddies to the Kick-off Party. The theme this year is "Read on the Wild Side". One of the things that makes this such a good program is that it really does get kids excited about reading. First of all, is the kick-off party. With popcorn and punch in hand, the kiddies were armed and ready. There was face-painting, arts/crafts (of bags to carry library books in, bookmarks, and book covers) and games. They loved playing musical chairs to The Lion King soundtrack!

But once the party ends, the program just begins. There are weekly sign-ins and prizes to be won if you complete your weekly reading. There is also a prize for the grade school (there are 9 in our district) that completes the most books. If you complete 6 of 7 weeks of the challenge, there is also an end of the year party. For the girls, it's a free pool party at the community pool. And for Chad (jr.high/high school) it's a dance at a local club. But even besides all this, there is an entire program. There are weekly speakers dealing with the theme. This year it includes a "snake" expert (I'm hoping he shows lots of pics with no actual snakes. I have an insanely irrational fear of snakes!), a professional "storm chaser", a "Mad" Scientist, and the Mobile Zoo. At the end of the summer is even an organized bus trip to the St. Louis Zoo and City Museum.

My kids are excited!! They like to read anyway, at least for the most part. But this gives them added incentive...and helps nurture that love of reading along the way! Does your library offer any sort of programs like this?

Another thing I am really excited about this summer is the Nerds Heart YA tournament. What is this, you ask? Well, it's a young adult reading tournament that is the brainchild of the super-cool Renay. From June 1st through August 2nd, twenty bloggers will be judging sixteen young adult novels, published in 2008, that should’ve received more attention. I'll try to do another posting soon, to list the books!

The judges are:
Ali, Worducopia and Lenore, Presenting Lenore
Mary Ann, Libr*fiti
Kelly, YAnnabe

Be on the look-out for reviews and updates on the tournament from the judges. Nerdsheartya is also on Twitter. I’m so very excited to be a part of this!! Because A) I am a Nerd and B) I heart YA! Seriously, it will be fun. And I’m hoping to read all the shortlisted books some time this year!

Lastly, but certainly not least, I wanted to bring to your attention a new blogger out there. A very dear friend of mine recently started blogging, and I want all of you to march right over there and give her a warm welcome! Her name is Michelle and her blog is Master Musings by Michelle. A book blog of course. Michelle is great - she's smart, funny, and has a great sense of books (of course, she also has a raging Twilight obsession!!) So....go check it out!!


Book Calendar said...

Hmm, we have a childrens summer reading program, a young adult summer reading program, and an adult summer reading program.

Stephanie said...

Book Calendar - They do have different things for the older kids to do as well. I know they have game nights (with the wii, guitar hero, etc) and pizza parties. The adult program isn't as great, but I still signed up. Lots of prizes to be won, and they are starting up some book clubs. It's pretty cool!

Nymeth said...

That summer reading program sounds so fun! Hopefully one day I'll be a librarian and take part in things like that.

Nerds Heart YA will be awesome :D I'd love to read the whole shortlist too.

Off to visit your friend!

Sam said...

Our library just started a program for children and teens. This year the theme is Be Creative @ Your Library. We give away prizes and have guest speakers and show movies throughout the summer. I'm shut away from most of it as a cataloger, but our office is back in the children's area so I get more little faces peering in the window than usual.

Debi said...

While our library has events and programs and classes and whatnot all throughout the year, they do do a big summer program as well. (The adult portion is generally a bit lame, but the kids' stuff is usually pretty fun.) Ours doesn't start for a while yet...not until school's out, which is still three weeks away. :(

Off to visit your friend. Just what I need...another great blog to read. ;)

Stephanie said...

Nymeth - I'm sure you'll be a wonderful librarian!! With your knowledge of the coolest books, you can't miss! I really hope I can get most of the books from the library. They all look so good! And yes, visit Michelle. She's cool!

Sam - all those little faces would make my day. I love to see kids in the library!

Debi - Our school is going a week longer than usual because of all the snow days. Tomorrow is the last day, but the library is still on the old schedule. Just one blog to add to your reader...that's not too much to ask!!

Michelle said...

Thanks, Stephanie, for the shout out! Now I have to live up to your kind words!!