Monday, June 22, 2009

Music Mundays - The Dresden Dolls

In 2005, I was sitting in the Congress theater waiting to hear one of my favorite band, Nine Inch Nails, perform. I was hoping the opening act would be short because I was ready to rock. Then the curtains went up and one of the coolest acts I have ever seen live came on.....The Dresden Dolls. Composed of Amanda Palmer (lead singer, song writer and pianist) and Brian Viglione (guitar player and drummer), this duo, with their cabaret style just blew me away!!

With their dramatic burlesque-style make-up and unique costumes, the group just struck a chord with me. Mike didn't care much for them, but I fell in love. The artistry and beauty of their act is something that needs to be seen live to understand. The music ranges from the cabaret sound to an indie rock sound, and even a few beautiful melodic ballads. Their first album, self-titled The Dresden Dolls, features such hits as Coin-Operated Boy and Girl Anachronism. The only other album they released was in 2006, titled No, Virginia, which has the hits Night Reconnaissance, Dear Jenny and a kick-ass cover of the Psychedelic Furs' Pretty in Pink.

Here is my favorite, Coin-Operated Boy:

Here is Backstabber, released in 2006:

In 2008, Amanda Palmer released a solo album, Who Killed Amanda Palmer, taken from the TV show Twin Peaks (after all...that was the question: Who Killed Laura Palmer?) Produced by Ben Folds, the really cool thing about this album (besides the music, of course!) is the companion book that is soon to be released that will accompany it. It is written by Neil Gaiman!!! That's right. Neil Freakin' Gaiman!!

Ever since I signed up for my Twitter Account, I have been following Amanda like a stalker. She is so ice cool!! I just love her!! She interacts a lot with her fans, and has an extremely loyal following. I really hope that there is a lot more to come from both Amanda Palmer and The Dresden Dolls!! Enjoy some of her solo music. The first is Guitar Hero:

The final video is Leeds United:


Zia said...

I love both The Dresden Dolls and Amanda's solo CD. She's great fun to follow on twitter

jessi said...

I only started listening to AFP because of NFG, but she is amazing. I pre-ordered the book Who Killed Amanda Palmer? and can't wait to read it. She and Neil make such a cute couple!

Zia said...

Yup I started listening to her after hearing about her several times in Neil's blogs.

Stephanie said...

Zia - If you ever get the chance to see her live, you should definitely do it!! I was totally blown away by the duo. I'm sure she is just as awesome solo.

Jessi - I love her on Twitter! I can not wait to see/read the book!

Nymeth said...

2005 was the year I saw them too. Such an amazing show. And I was lucky enough to meet Amanda afterwards, and she's just as lovely as her blog and tweets make her sound. She treats each of her fans with respect. She never forgets we're all real people. And I appreciate that so much.

...and of course, the fact that she's amazingly talented almost goes without saying! I love her music to bits.

Zia said...

Stephenie - The night I decided to go see just who she was, she was performing an hour away. Oh how I wish I had looked her up a few days before. I would have been at that show no matter what had I did. Now I get to wait and hope she comes back my way.

Amanda said...

Thanks for the post! Did you know Amanda Palmer and Neil Gaiman are dating? I think that is so cool.

Joanne said...

I just started listening to Dresden Dolls in the last year and I love them! Coin Operated Boy is one of my favorites. It's great to find a band with such a unique style and sound.