Monday, September 14, 2009

BBAW Interviews and Some Left-Over Blogger Love!

As you all, this week is Book Blogger Appreciation Week. If you blog for awhile, you find a niche and stick with it. I have made some great friends and found some great blogs. I didn't, however, realize until this week just how many book blogs are actually out there! I'm hoping by my day off Friday I get a chance to visit many of these "new-to-me" blogs.

One new blog Blog: Bookworm with a View. Mari is my interview parnter for today's assignment!! And just in case you want to follow her on Twitter, her name is BookwormMari.

And here is my interview with Mari:

Can you give my readers a little Background information: I met my husband when I was eighteen, we celebrated our 21st anniversary earlier this year. We have one son and three dogs. I work remotely (from home) in an international organization, which might explain why I appear online all the time (I support Singapore , UK , Brazil and Canada ). When I’m not working you will find me running, working out, practicing yoga, keep my house organized, and relaxing.

I also manage two book clubs, my local BC (The Omaha Bookworm’s) and an online BC for the Manic Mommies.

What made you start blogging in the first place? When I started my blog (last November) I had no idea anyone blogged! I thought my family was moving and wanted to post my book clubs book list somewhere. I had no idea this ‘world’ existed until this spring when an author asked me to include an interview on my site for an upcoming book club discussion. The interview was hosted by a blogger.

Have you always been a reader? I didn’t read much until I was a teenager. In seventh grade I was diagnosed with Dyslexia and relearned how to read. I have been reading ever since! I don’t remember reading a real novel until I was in junior high.

Does your family read? My husband used to read all the time but doesn’t read much these days. My son and I are the readers in our family.

What are you favorite types of books? Historical fiction or fiction with an educational element (about the medical industry, culture, etc). I like to learn while reading.

5 top all-time favorites and you can include classics, if you like: The English Patient, The Red Tent, The Poisonwood Bible, Anna Karenina, Resistance (to name a few)

Favorite author(s): Five years ago I would have said Anita Shreve. My expectations are high for her new book coming out later this month. I hear it’s wonderful.

A book you loved as a kid: I loved Judy Bloom as a young girl, Forever & Are you there God, it’s me Margaret.

A book you loved in high school:
Okay this is not a book but hands down… Romeo and Juliet! In ninth grade I read all of Shakespeare’s work one semester and was beside myself the day I was asked to read Juliet and the boy I had a crush on read Romeo J. It’s the simple things….

And yes, I have some fun ones too!

Favorite Movie: About last Night

Favorite Food: Does a Starbucks coffee Frap count? I only let myself have one on a rare occasion.

Favorite Color: Green

Favorite Song: Living inside my heart, by Bob Seger

And finally, if you could have dinner with any 4 LITERARY CHARACTERS, who would it be: This would be easy if the invites were authors! I think these characters would make for a lively dinner though: Elizabeth Bennet, Anna Karenina, Dinah (The Red Tent) and Skeeter (The Help).

Thanks Mari!!! That was fun!
Since I wasn't able to post yesterday, I just wanted to add just a few names to the blogger "lovefest" that went on! I have a few awards of my own that should be presented!

Michelle from Master Musings by Michelle is a very good friend of mine. I've known her for quite a few years, and hers should definitely earn an award for Best New Blog! She writes wonderful reviews that are not only well-written, but incredibly insightful. She's also a HUGE Twilight Fangirl!

Kailana from The Written World is like the Michael Jordan of reading. I think she is nearing 300 books this year, and it's only September!! Besides having fantastic taste in books, she's also a dear friend. If there was a blog award for Reading the Most, she'd win in a New York Minute!

Nicola from Back to Books. Nicola reads and reviews tons of children's and YA books. There are always great recommendations for my kids. And although we may disagree on a lot of topics, she is never afraid to state her opinions. And always in the nicest possible way. I repect her a lot, and consider her a friend, as well.

Carl from Stainless Steel Droppings. Carl is a super guy that has a passion for anything in the arts: literature, painting, photography, music, movies....and the list goes on and on. What makes Carl so special is his need to share this passion with everyone. Besides that, he is the GREATEST Challenge Host....EVER!

Finally, Nymeth from Things Mean Alot, Chris from Stuff as Dreams are Made On, and Debi from Nothing of Importance as the Bloggers that add the most books to my TBR!! All 3 are fantastic people. All 3 are considered my friends. And all 3 read books that somehow end up on MY TBR!! It's because they are all 3 so cool, smart and well....just like me!! (at least in the sense that we have very similiar belief systems!) In some alternate universe, I have a feeling we are all siblings...and somehow, here we just sort of got separated! The simple fact of the matter is, I feel closer to these people, that I have never even met, than I am to 95% of the people in my "real" life. And THAT is what blogging has done for me. I feel like I have come home! (just a special, special thanks to you 3!)

And those are just a few of the Awards that should have been presented!!


gautami tripathy said...

Great interview and wonderful blog choices!

BBAW: Interviewing myself

Chris said...

What a great interview! I love how she's a reader even with Dyslexia. That's inspiring.

Serena said...

it's inspiring that she had a reading disability and overcame it to become an avid reader.

Wonderful interview.

I love the bit about Romeo & Juliet. I had the same experience in 9th grade! LOL I remember blushing the whole time.

I love the blogs you listed as well to add to the love fest.

Nicola said...

Great interview stephanie! Mari is new-to-me as well. I love hearing how people starting to blog!

Thanks for the shout out and your kind words, I also consider you a friend and the respect is mutual! Bless you.

Chris said...

:) You're so sweet Steph...I know just what you mean! Exactly what you mean!

Great interview too!1 I'm totally loving BBAW this year!

Debi said...

Oh man, Stephanie...I'm just never going to stop wiping tears today. Thank you, my dear, sweet, very REAL friend.
I could not agree with you more about that separated in the cosmos kind of thing! Truly you and Chris and Ana are like my soulmates, only not in that romantic-y sort of way. ;)

Carl V. said...

That was a great interview! I appreciated getting to know about Mari a little bit more. Can I infer that the name "Omaha Bookworms" means that Mari is a Cornhusker? I am a native Nebraskan and was just curious.

Thanks so much for all the kind words. I do so appreciate the relationships formed in the blogging community. They, including my relationship with you, have enriched my life more than I could ever measure.

Heather J. said...

A fellow book clubber – YAY! And THE POISONWOOD BIBLE is one of my all time favorite book – glad to see it on Mari’s list. :)

Mari said...


I hate to break this news to you but I'm not from Nebraska, I just live here. I tell everyone "I'm not going to pay to watch football on my TV, until the husker games are fee, how can I get intested in the team"? That said, I'm neutral.

Let's talk Hockey!

Thanks for all the comments everyone! I'm still trying to figure out how to get people to leave comments on my site - I must have shy viewers :)

I just posted a book giveaway, if anyone is interested.

Michelle said...

Thank you so much, my dear! I'm speechless. You are my hero, you know.

Stephanie said...

Gautami - Thanks!! It was fun.

Chris - I found the Dyslexia part as interesting as you!! I just read your interview and laughed. I take all the blame for unleashing you to the world!

Serena - I think I went to the only High school in America that didn't read Romeo & Juliet! We read Julius Ceaser (yuk), MacBeth(good) and Othello (fantastic). Thanks!

Nicola - Thank you for continuing to come back. And for some lively debate. I appreciate all your opinions. I really do. Girl, you rock!

Chris - Thank you as well. I mean that. You are one of the first bloggers that came to visit me, and I love you for that. And being such a sweetheart. This year's BBAW is kind of awesome, isn't it??

Debi - I think I might have shed a few tears as well. I'm such a sap sometimes. But just so you know, I meant every word!! I love you guys!

Carl - You are the king of Awesomeness!! My blogging hasn't been the same since I stumbled across your blog...just in time for the Very First Once Upon a Time challenge. It was you that encouraged me to read American Gods. 'nuff said!

Heather - Mari was an excellent interviewee!!

Mari - Thank you for taking the time to do this. I had a lot of fun with it, and have discovered a great new blogger!!

Michelle - Thank you. Just so you know, you are way more awesome than you give yourself credit for...and i will have to come all the way to Cincinnati if you give up blogging. Just so I can kick you in the butt!

Book Chick City said...

Great interview! I loved 'Are You There God, It's Me Margaret' when I was younger. I read so many of Judy Blume's books. I'm off to check out other interview now :)

Kailana said...

The Michael Jordan of reading? You're lucky I know enough about basketball to know what you are talking about... lol That will be my one and only time ever being associated with that sport! (Do you know how short I am?)

And, you are one of my dearest friends, too! Much love to you! So glad you blog. :)

tanabata said...

Great interview! It really is amazing how many book bloggers there are now isn't it?

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