Monday, September 7, 2009

Blog Tour: Babydoll: A Saylor Oz Mystery by Allyson Roy

The last few months my reading has been pretty much grounded in fantasy and YA books. Which ARE my favorite genres. But one thing about the Blog Tours I've been doing lately is that I'm getting a chance to switch it up a bit. Today, I'm touring the new book from Allison Roy, Babydoll: A Saylor Oz Mystery (400 pgs, Berkley Trade, 2009).

"Can't we do this another time? I, um, I've got a pole dancing class at eight? " Crack. The back of his hand caught me on the side of my face, sending me crashing to the cement floor. Fighting back panic, I squeaked out a plea, "You've made a mistake. I'm not the woman you are looking for."

Saylor Oz is a sex therapist living with her roommate, Benita Morales, in Brooklyn. Benita is an ex-professional boxer turned investment banker. And normally, life is good for them. But now, things are different. The last 8 months have been a trying time for Benita. Her baby brother, Angel is now at Rikers, having just been convicted or 3 counts of murder. Angel, a photographer, was found guilty of killing 3 high-fashion models. Even with the high-price lawyer, Harlan Sneed, on his side, Angel lost his very high-profile case. But anyone who actually KNEW Angel would know that he was sweet and kind, with an artist soul. And Benita's heart was breaking over the loss of the case.

But when Saylor was doing research for a paper on pornography, she comes across an old video called Bad, Bad, Babydoll. And the way the three models are killed in this obscure porn video bare a shocking resemblance the the models in Angel's case. Armed with nothing but a porn movie and their wits, Saylor and Benita go on an amazing journey to prove that Angel is innocent.

I really enjoyed this book. In the same vein as Evanovich's Stephanie Plum, Saylor Oz is brassy, sassy and funny. In all actuality, there might be a little TOO much similarity between the characters. And although the story line is really far fetched, with clues clicking into place just a little too easily, I thought it was a fun read. When no one else believes them, Saylor and Benita end up doing a lot of digging on their own. And this is cause for many hilarious moments in the book. With a little help from Saylor's two dueling love interests, PI Johnny Lavender and ex-boxer Eldridge Mace, the girls end up staying alive.

If you are looking for a fun, fast read, I suggest you check your logic at the door, and pick up Babydoll. Especially for all of your mystery readers out there. It's definitely brain candy, but in the best possible way: Light and fluffy and fun to read!! I think I will definitely have to keep up with this fun series. 4/5

**Thanks to Trish and Lisa at TLC Book Tours for sending this one my way!! Check out the last few stops on the tour:

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trish said...

This book sounds like a crack-up! "I've got a pole dancing class at eight?" LOL!

Thanks for your review, Stephanie! I'm glad you enjoyed the book!

Ladybug said...

I'm on my third Stephanie Plum novel and I'm loving it so this sounds like a book I might enjoy. Thanks for the great review, Stephanie!

Allyson Roy said...

Thanks, Stephanie, for hosting us on your site and for reading BABYDOLL.

Alice & Roy
writing as Allyson Roy

Stephanie said...

Trish - It's a hoot!! The characters cracked me up! I love a good mystery and this one was right up there!!

Ladybug - I've read the first 5 books of Evanovich. I got a little burned out, so I'm going to take my time with the series. But trust me, if you like them, you'll like this book!!

Allyson Roy - Thanks so much for stopping by. I enjoyed your book immensely! I'm looking forward to more books about Saylor Oz!

Michelle said...

I read this (and posted my tour post this morning) as well and walked away feeling the same as you. Good characters, good mystery and entertaining.

Glad you enjoyed!

Ladybug said...

I'm taking your word for it, the book is officially added to my Amazon wish list :)

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