Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Short Story Sunday.....on Monday Part IV (But on Tuesday!)

Yes, I'm late with this one. Sorry. Yesterday I was pretty under the weather. I feel slightly better today, although not great. Damn, these headaches are killers, aren't they?

This week's readings for Short Story Sundays were a mixture of the odd, the weird, and the eerie! A perfect way to celebrate this October RIP season!

The first story I read was Harlequin Valentine. It's a strange little tale of Harlequin, inspired by Commedia dell'arte and the Harliquinaide pantomime. It is Valentine's Day, and Harlequin has found his Columbine, who is actually Missy. He decides to give her his heart for Valentine's Day. Literally, by nailing his own heart to her door. But it seems that the trick is actually on this trickster Harlequin, because Missy is a pretty shrewed gal!!

Locks is a poem about telling stories....this one is about Goldylocks and the 3 bears, as he is telling it to his daughter.

The Problem with Susan is a remarkable short story about Susan Pevensie, the girl from the C.S. Lewis Narnia tales. What really happened to the girl who wasn't allowed Paradise because she was 'too fond of lipsticks and nylons and invitations to parties'? Gaiman will tell you his interpretation!

Instructions is the coolest poem!! According to Gaiman, this poem gives you the instructions about what to do when you find yourself in a fairy tale!

How do You Think it Feels? is a small tale about a gargoyle. This gargoyle was not created to guard a building. It was created to guard a man's heart.

My Life was a poem that was written to accompany a picture of a sock-puppet in a book called Sock Monkeys. Sounds strange?? Yep. It is.

Finally, Fifteen Painted Cards From a Vampire Tarot". I really don't even know how to describe this. It wasn't really a story. Not really a poem. Just kind of a description of the Tarot cards. Strange, but rather intriguing.

Yes, I'm still enjoying this. I even like the poetry. I don't know how much more I can gush about it. I was pleased with each of the stories this time, although I think I liked Harlequin Valentine the best. Sorry, I'm not more wordy today. I think it's the headache still lingering. Hopefully my review of The Giver that I will post tomorrow will be better!


chrisa511 said...

I hope your headache is all the way gone soon :( But your review was just fine :) Harlequin Valentine was one of my favorites! I keep saying it, but how the hell does he come up with these stories? I loved it!

Locks is something that I would love to have stenciled onto my child's wall whenever I have children. It was beautiful.

Problem With Susan was awesome...oh what am I doing, I loved this whole book, lol! I really can't pick favorites with this one.

Can't wait to hear your thoughts on The Giver, I really enjoyed that one.

Booklogged said...

Stephanie, so glad you're feeling better. I used to hate those slumber party/birthday parties. It's over for another year. Sigh.

Ana S. said...

"Locks" and "Instructions" are some of my favourite poems. I read "Locks" every few months and every single time it manages to make me teary-eyes... yup, I'm a wuss like that :P

Sorry to hear you haven't been well...hopefully you will recover completely soon.

Bookfool said...

Yeah, those headaches are a nuisance. Hope you're all better, by now. I see I'm a mere 6 days late reading your post. I'm about to curl up with M is for Magic. The RIP is a very Neil Gaiman month, isn't it?