Monday, October 15, 2007

Short Story Sunday.....on Monday Part V

Yes, folks. It's that time again!! Time for another installment of my Neil Gaiman Short Stories from Fragile Things! I really hope I'm not boring you....and that you aren't logging on just to say, "Lord, is she ever going to FINISH this book!!" I'm just trying to follow through with the RIP II challenge and read short stories on Sunday! I'm enjoying it so much, it may be a tradition I continue!

Feeders and Eaters is actually a rather scary little tale. Gaiman said it started out as a nightmare for him, and I can understand why! A man is at a dirty little diner in the middle of the night waiting for his train. As he's sitting there trying to go unnoticed, a man calls out his name. He doesn't recognize the man, but soon finds out it's someone he used to work with, named Eddie Barrow. But Eddie doesn't look like the man he once knew. The old Eddie was tall, strong and handsome. This man is thin, gray and looks like he's been to hell and back. Eddie starts to tell him the story of what has happened to him, and it all leads to a little old woman that lived in the room next to his. A woman who has a need to FEED.

Diseasemaker's Croup was written as an entry to a book of imaginary diseases. It's a strange little entry that is full of babble and really big medical terms!! Not my cup of tea, but interesting.

In the End is a one-page filler that is apparently Gaiman's attempt at writing the last book of the Bible. It's pretty much a reversal of In the Beginning from the Book of Genesis. And I have to say I liked it alot.

And finally Goliath, which was actually written to be a part of the website for the movie The Matrix. This story takes place in London, and is about a man that is very tall....almost 7 feet. He has just been rejected by the RAF on account of his height. One day he's working at his boring job of bookkeeper, and all of a sudden, the world starts to melt and drip away. Colors are becoming puddles, and everything goes black. He meets a bespeckled man that tells him that everything will be back to normal soon. The world is under attack by aliens and missiles have taken out a central processor. nothing ever happened, the world is back to normal!! He thinks that it must have been a dream, but the memory of that time stays with him until he meets the man in glasses again 15 years later!

I'm a huge fan of the original Matrix movie!! It blew me away when I first saw it. But Goliath is great story that blends in nicely with the concept. Actually this story is probably better than either of the Matrix sequels! Feeders and Eaters is a great short story for the Halloween season. Dark, scary and leaves a person wondering. I keep asking myself, "How does Neil Gaiman come up with this stuff?" He really has a knack for inventing worlds and stories in just a few sentences. Actually, I think I have a total literary crush on the man. Stay tuned for the final 2 installments in the coming weeks!!


Ana S. said...

Worry not, you aren't boring us at all :P

I thought Goliath was great too! I actually read it long ago, in the original site. I agree that it's better than either of the Matrix sequels!

kookie said...

Now I'm very curious to read this. "Feeders and Eaters" sounds like something I'd really enjoy.

"Literary crush"! That's funny. Doesn't hurt that NG is just as cute as can be, either, does it?

chrisa511 said...

I loved "In the End" was a great little story.

And "Feeders and Eaters" just disturbed the hell out of me!!

John Mutford said...

Feeders and Eaters definitely sounds like a fun little tale.

"In The End" seems like an inriguing concept, too.

The Goliath one sounds like a modern retelling of an Asimov story.

raidergirl3 said...

I can't wait to start this book, it seems like quite an interesting collection. I haven't been reading too closely, because I knew I'd be reading it, but I can tell how much you've enjoyed it. I'm planning to keep going with the Short Story Monday as well.

John Mutford said...

Hi again, just wondering if you'd be interested in hosting Short Story Monday on the 29th? I've asked Chris to host on the 22nd, and I'm trying to line up the next few weeks.

Booklogged said...

Stephanie, Marked arrived today. Thank-you so much. My 18-yr-old was so excited when she saw it. She had been hearing/reading things about it. I wonder which one of us will beat out the other to read it first.

Anonymous said...

Definitely must pick this one up. I do so love Gaiman short stories!