Wednesday, November 11, 2009

I Just Can't Seem to Get Enough of the Morganville Vampires!

I admit it. Vampires, zombies, werewolves, faeries.....I love them. There is just something so fascinating to me about the paranormal. The books I have read dealing with them are fun. They take me to a new place, with completely new problems. Although the books aren't great literature, they help me escape. Again. I love them! Even though the RIP challenge ended at Halloween, I have a huge backlog of books that I wanted to read for the challenge, but didn't quite make it through. So, I'll probably be reading them through the end of the year. Today's paranormal read is Book 5 of the Morganville Vampire Series: Lord of Misrule by Rachel Caine (256 pgs, Signet, 2009).

It was all going wrong, and Morganville was burning -- part of it, anyway. Claire stood at the windows of the Glass House and watched the flames paint the glass a dull, flickering orange. She could always see the stars out her in the Middle of Nowhere, Texas -- but not tonight.

As with every other book in the series, this one picks up immediately after book 4 has ended. Amelie, Morganville's Founder and reigning bad-ass, had been staked at the Feast that was hosted in her father, Bishop's, honor. Although she was still alive (or alive as a vampire could be), she is weak. And now the vamps and humans alike of Morganville are going to have to take sides. Will they stick with Amelie and try to keep the peace and bond that exists between humans and vampires? Or will they join sides with Bishop, who wants to wipe out Morganville once and for all, using the humans basically as cattle. To top it all off, now there is a faction of humans that are joining in the mix: the humans that want to take back Morganville for themselves, killing off all the vampires in the process.

Claire and her friends are caught right smack in the middle. Although Claire would love to free from the vampires of Morganville, he allegiance still stands with Amelie. Not only is she pledged to her, but she is also trying to help find a cure for the mysterious disease that is starting to show itself amongst the vamps. Because her friend Michael is now a vampire, Claire will do whatever she can to help save him. But at what price to her friends and family? And what is going to happen with Amelie's forces collide with Bishop's?

I just can't seem to get enough of this series! One thing I can definitely say about Rachel Caine: the woman can write an interesting story!! Once again, the story starts out fast, and just keeps accelerating!! There really isn't much more to say that I haven't said about previous books. It is fun, fast-paced and exciting. But be warned: Each book, this one included, leaves you with a HUGE cliffhanger. If you like closure in your stories, you will not get it! However, if you like YA books or you like vampires, you really should read this series. Or, if you just want to read something a little "fluffy" and escape, then you should read this series. Or....if you just want to pick a book that is fun, read this series. Best advice I can give. Highly recommended. 4.25/5


Marg said...

I've read most of the Weather Warden books and really enjoyed them, but haven't read any of this series.

Rachel Caine is a funny author for me. If you were ask me to name authors I like I probably would not include her name on the list because I keep on forgetting how much I like her books. Then I read a new book and find myself thinking, wow, I really enjoy these books! I don't know what that reaction is.

Kailana said...

I really need to read the two books I have on my TBR pile from this series!

Michelle said...

My co-workers walked into Borders today to get a book for the flight back home. Even though I brought four books with me, I walked out with five more, including the first of the Morganville vampire series. If you didn't keep talking about them, I would only have walked out with four! LOL!

Ladytink_534 said...

I really, really liked this one but I haven't gotten around to reading the next one yet.

Stephanie said...

Marg - That is funny. I read the first two books in this series last year. And I really liked them. But it didn't even occur to me that I wanted to finish the series. Till I picked it up again this year.

I'm actually really looking forward to the Weather Warden series.

Kailana - I may pick up Carpe Corpus soon. It's like an itch you can't scratch -- knowing there is a sequel...and you haven't read it. Eventually, it will drive you crazy!

Michelle - I wasn't too impressed with the first one till the ending. But I really, really liked the rest. Not great lit, but oh, so fun!!

Tink - I need to get Carpe Corpus and the newest one. Not sure what it's called.