Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Books, Books, and More Books

As a resolution this year I promised myself that I would try not to BUY so many books. I already have so many books in so many corners of my house, I'm trying to get rid of the clutter a bit. I need to read what I have before I buy more. But the past month has been a bit of a challenge, what with getting my bonus and getting our taxes back!! I've been bad....and others are feeding my addiction as well!! I got a box of books from Curledup.com to review, 4 books from Harper Collins to review, I've won a couple of books, some library books and then I went on a buying jag! Figured I would confess here. I'm sure you guys will absolve me a lot sooner than my husband! He thinks I'm nuts with the books. Why buy more when there are so many I haven't read??? It really is a sickness!!
So.....here are the books I've bought in the last 6 weeks or so:
  • Nineteen Minutes by Jodi Picoult (had 46% off coupon from B&N)
  • Heart-Shaped Box by Joe Hill (another coupon from B&N)
  • Urban Shaman by C. E. Murphy
  • Poison Study by Maria Snyder
  • The Scent of Shadows (The First Sign of the Zodiac) by Vicki Pettersson
  • The Taste of Night (The Second Sign of the Zodiac) by Vicki Pettersson
  • Fool Moon by Jim Butcher (Buy 1 Dresden Files, get one 50% off see below!)
  • Grave Peril by Jim Butcher
  • No Country for Old Men by Cormac McCarthy
  • The Road by Cormac McCarthy
  • I am Legend by Richard Matheson
  • Uglies by Scott Westerfeld
  • Carpe Jugulum by Terry Pratchett
  • A Mirror for Observers by Edgar Pangborn (Amazon Used Books)
  • Lest Darkness Falls by L. Sprague de Camp (Amazon Used Books)
  • The Voyage of the Space Beagle by A. E. van Vogt (Amazon Used Books)
  • Earthman's Burden by Poul Anderson and Gordon Dickson (Amazon Used Books)

Eeeek. No wonder my husband gets mad at me!! It doesn't look so bad until you lay it all out like that. Then you throw in the 8 or so books I have sitting around still waiting for me to review, plus my trips to the library......and yes, there are books everywhere! With all the books I just bought I still came home with these from the library last weekend:

  • Lady of the Forest by Jennifer Roberson
  • Enchantment by Orson Scott Card
  • Vanity Fair by William Makepeace Thackery
  • The Chocolate War by Robert Cormier
  • The Ananzi Boys by Neil Gaiman
  • The Keep by Jennifer Egan

I admit it....I have a problem. Step one is knowing your powerlessness!!



Rhinoa said...

Hi, my name is Katie and I am a book buying addict...

Don't worry about it, I do the same thing. I have more books that I haven't read in my collection (over 1400 and counting!) than I have read. I keep buying more, but I am trying to tone it down a bit. I figure I will read them eventually and there are a lot worse things to spend all my money on :)

Chris said...

Man, that's a lot! I had a small stack when we moved in with mil. Now I have a very scary pile that falls over all the time!

Stephanie said...

Katie...LOL!! It really is an addiction. What I keep telling my husband is that they don't stop publishing books just because I have a houseful. So many new ones all the time!!

Chris...did you plan a lot of book shelves in the new house?? A place to put that stack? When Mike and I moved to the house we live in now, I had 2 small bookshelves. Now, I have a huge book shelf, and my friend built me some more. Still not enough room!!

Matt said...

I've just recently become addicted to buying books. My wife doesn't help as she prefers books over other things I could spend money on.

As I've just recently started, my book collection hasn't gotten out of control, but I can definitely see it heading that way!

Carl V. said...

Welcome to the club! Its a good disease to have, in my opinion!!! Now if they were just as easy to read as they were to buy! :)

kookiejar said...

Yeah, you bought a lot, but you bought QUALITY. 'I am Legend' is amazing. I can't say enough good things about 'The Road' and 'Heart-Shaped Box' blew me away! You've nothing to feel guilty about.

BTW, I tagged you for a meme. I'm sure your answers will be great. I love what you read.

Marg said...

Stephanie, Stephanie, Stephanie....shakes head!

Just kidding. I just worked out this morning that last year in total I bought about 80 books, most of which I haven't read yet. So far this year I have bought more than half that number again already!

When you add that to the 40 books I have out from the library at the moment, plus the 10 I have on request, plus the ones I already owned that I haven't read, I guess it's fair to say that I have a problem as well!!

Chris said...

I too am an addict I'm afraid!

I love buying books. I think that I have a bigger "unread" pile than "read". It really is an addiction. I have to buy at least a book a week. I just spent a ridiculous amount of money at Subterranean Press. Love those guys.

I can't wait to see what you think of Enchantment and Anansi Boys...they're both among my favorites.

booklogged said...

Do you think we need to form an AA type group online for us book buyers?

Literary Feline said...

I don't dare list all the books I buy on my blog! Oh, my husband would probably need to go to the emergency room! LOL I do long them into LibraryThing right away though, a place hubby rarely checks. :-) It's always nice to know I'm not alone in my compulsive book buying.

chittavrtti said...

I'm looking forward to yuor review of Poison Study or the paperback version of, whichever happens first *g* ***CV