Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Cool New Site To Find Books

Yesterday, I found a new website called booksprice.com. If you ever buy books online, you should check it out. It's not a bookstore, per se. It's more of a search engine. Put in the name of the book you want (or game, or dvd, or cd), and it will give you back all the sites that carry it. It even finds used copies (which is especially good if you are like me and trying to save a few dollars!) What comes back from your search is a comparison grid. It shows the prices PLUS shipping so you can see where the best deal is. It can also show prices/shipping for both inside and outside the US.

I'm really impressed. If you are like me and are always looking for a bargain.....or books that are out of print.....then you might really like this site. You can search by name, author of ISBN number for books, audiobooks, textbooks, etc. You can even browse by categories if you don't have a particular book in mind. Pretty nifty, if you ask me.



kookiejar said...

That's pretty cool, Stephanie. I'm going to bookmark that site! I hate buying books retail.

Marg said...

How are you feeling Stephanie?

Have you heard of The Book Depository? It is a UK based site, but there is free shipping to some countries, including the US and Australia. Works out pretty cheap most of the time.


Kristy said...

Thanks Steph. I'm all about buying books and saving money. LOL.