Monday, April 2, 2007

Spring Randomness

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Week of April 1st: April showers bring May flowers

Well, Spring has finally arrived, how do you feel?
Relieved!! I'm so tired of cold and snow. My favorite times of the year are when the seasons change. I love the way Spring feels "new".

Has it been a long hard winter for you?
You bet it has!! Too much snow....too much water has been hell on my backyard, my animals and my basement!! I HATE the cold. I know in my heart I was supposed to be born in Hawaii. I just wish I could figure out how I ended up in Illinois!

Does the beautiful spring weather put you in a good mood?
Good weather in general puts me in a good mood. It's probably going to be a wet April. We've already had a ton of rain. But today is my daughter's 5th birthday!! That itself is enough to keep me smiling for at least another week!

Some people do spring cleaning,
some suffer from seasonal allergies,
and others just dont care at all.
How do you feel about Springtime?
Oh...the need to clean is there. Just no desire so far!! The kids are on Spring Break next week. Since we are planning to take a family vacation in the summer, I'm working. But I'm putting together a list of things for them to do while I'm gone! Hopefully, by mid-April, my house will be clean and fresh again!

till next time...


Bookfool said...

It's more like summer, here, at least today. Blecch. Mucky and humid out there. I want winter back! :)

naida said...

hi hun, have a good week.
I'm loving your blog!