Monday, April 23, 2007

Randomness for April 23

randomness...feed your mind and your blog

week of April 22: name 3 of each....
I couldn't have a list of my favorite things without including Pooh and friends!!

1. favorite tv programs
The Sopranos, Lost, Heros

2. favorite foods
Ribeye, Strawberries, Chicken Marsala

3. favorite books
(why ask me to name only 3??)
To Kill a Mockingbird, The Count of Monte Cristo and The Stand

4. favorite people
My three kids....Chad, Bella and Anastasia (and I have to throw my hubby Mike in for good measure!)

5. favorite movies
Donnie Darko, Dead Poet's Society, Shawshank Redemption

6. favorite vacation spots
Daytona Beach, Florida, San Francisco, CA & Puerta Vallerta, Mexico

till next time...


kookiejar said...

Excellent lists, Stephanie. You and I could watch tv together. I'm so pumped that 'Heroes' comes back tonight. And, as much as I love 'The Sopranos', I wish they would get on with it a little faster. They are just playing with us at this point!

Rhinoa said...

Cheers for the motivation! I love steak too but I don't think I have ever actually tried ribeye... said...

Ooh going to steal that tomorrow if it is ok:)