Thursday, May 24, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #10

I have been SO EXCITED all week!! Starting tomorrow is Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End. I'm a HUGE Johnny Depp, Jack Sparrow fan, and I'm counting the minutes until I get to sit in the theater with my big bucket of buttered popcorn, large Diet Pepsi and bag of Twizzlers! So I thought I would do a TT on Summer Blockbusters.


1…Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End (May 25) - Yes....this is it!! I love, love, loved the first movie and was pissed as hell that the second ended the way it did. There was such a lead-in for the last movie that it ended without an ending, if that makes sense. No closure. And I NEED closure. So I'm ready for tomorrow!!

2. Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix (July 13) - Yes....I'm a Harry Potter geek too!! I've loved all the movies so far, but The Goblet of Fire was fantastic!! I'm expecting great things out of this movie too!! Helena Bonham Carter is in this one...and I think she is cool as hell!

3. 1408 (June 22) - OK...I have to say just one more time for the record, I LOVE JOHN CUSAK!! It wouldn't be a great summer without a great John Cusak movie, now would it?? And one that is based on a Stephen King story? A good fright is just what is needed this summer! With Samuel L. Jackson, how can you miss?

4. Live Free or Die Hard (June 27) - I have been a Bruce Willis fan since Moonlighting! Since this is the summer of movie sequels, it seems fitting that John McClane is back! Besides....Kevin Smith is in it! That alone would be enough for me to want to see it. Yippee-ki-yay!

5. Stardust (Aug 10) - Neil Gaiman's novel is going to hit the big screen. I haven't read this one (YET), but I've become a big fan. This movie has lots of big names like DeNiro, Danes and Pfeiffer. Looks like it's going to be a fun one!

6. Transformers (July 4) - I never actually played with Transformers, but my brother had a ton of them! I saw previews for this movie last night and it looks fantastic! Steven Speilberg at his best! This one looks like it's going to be a lot of fun!

7. Ratatouille (June 29) - Ok...I have kids. What can I say? I love a good cartoon, and Pixar does them better than anyone! I haven't been disappointed yet by one. Ratatouille is one that the whole family will enjoy!

8. Evan Almighty (June 22) - I wasn't a huge fan of Bruce Almighty...mostly because I'm not a huge Jim Carey fan. This was better than most. (It's the silly slapstick stuff I really dislike). But Stever Carell CRACKS ME UP! The Office is one of my favorite shows, and Steve Carell building an Ark? Who could resist??

9. Ocean's 13 (June 8) Hello?? Gorgeous men alert?? George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Casey Affleck, Matt Damon, Andy Garcia....need I go on?? I loved the first and hated the second . This is a chance for redemption folks!

10. Halloween (Aug 31) To redo a CLASSIC like Halloween takes something special. Especially if I want to go see it. Rob Zombie is that special something. I was absolutely blown away by House of Thousand Corpses and The Devil's Rejects. If anyone can make this movie, it's him! I can not wait to see what surprises Mr. Zombie has in store for us!

11. Bourne Ultimatum (Aug 3) Not much to say here. Loved the first 2. Figure Matt Damon will be able to pull this one off as well. Should be non-stop action, just like the others.

12. I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry (July 20) - I love Adam Sandler. But I love Adam Sandler best when he's doing comedy. I like his weird sense of humor. With Kevin James, this one should be a riot! Two straight guys pretending to be married??? Can't wait!

13. The Simpsons Movie (July 28) - I dare you to try to find one Gen X'er out there that hasn't sat down and enjoyed at least one episode of The Simpson's! How could you not go see the movie?? 18 years in the making!

Hope you all enjoy a great summer of movies!!

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Tina said...

Harry Potter! Simpsons! Stardust! Pirates of the Carribean! Haha so many good movies coming out this year, I'm afraid I'd be broke most of the time because of them. :P

Great list. Happy Thursday!

Prudence said...

I'm looking forward to almost all of those movies :-)

Great T13!

Angela/SciFiChick said...

So many good movies out this summer.. I'm so excited!

Tilly Greene said...

Oh man, I hadn't realized the next Bourne was this summer! Yeah! Good times for the big flicks :-)

twiga92 said...

Oh! My! Goodness! I've been waiting and waiting and waiting for the Bourne Ultimatum to come out! Yippee!!

Anonymous said...

Just a note... Michael Bay directed the Transformers, Spielberg was the executive producer.

piksea said...

Great list! I think I'll be lined up to see most of those myself!

Anonymous said...

Great List, can't wait to get to the theater!


Mz Jackson said...

I can't wait for Pirates! And as a HUGE Kevin James fan, I think Chuck and Larry is going to be really funny.
Great TT!

JAM said...

Lovely Wife and I were talking just the other day and wondering what ever happened to Michelle Pfeifer (or however you spell her name). Glad to see she's still kickin'.

I'll have to go see Live Free Or Die Hard. I'm a sucker for summer movies. I loved the "Bourne" books by Robert Ludlum and have really enjoyed the Matt Damon movies made from them. Different than the books, but they have the essence of them, if that makes sense.

NOLADawn said...

With three kids I never get to the movies, but I'm looking forward to 1408... when it comes to DVD :)

Christine said...

Wow I forgot about a lot of these movies. I'm going to have to read up on some of these. I can't wait for Harry Potter and Transformers. :)

TeaMouse said...

I'm with you on a lot of those, Harry Potter for sure and I'm really curious to see another Die Hard movie.

Should be a great summer of movies - too bad not much new is out in time for Saturday :(!

kookiejar said...

I'll probably end up seeing most of these movies, too.

Mr. Zombie?? Hysterical.

Janet said...

I got chills when I saw your second movie...CHILLS, I tell you! I am SO looking forward to it!

Kristen said...

I hadn't heard about "Chuck and Larry" but when you put Adam Sandler together with Kevin ... I don't think you could go bad with that.

Looks like you and I are both awaiting some of the same ones.

Happy viewing this weekend :-)

The Rock Chick said...

I agree with you about Ocean's 11 and 12. 12 was pretty bad, but hey when you've got that cast to look at....who the heck cares!!!

I like the Bourne movies and the Die Hard ones, too! In fact, I like any kind of action/thriller movie.

The Rock Chick isn't big on chick flicks for some strange reason!

Happy TT!

L^2 said...

Excellent list. I want to see most of these too, especially the Simpsons! :-)

Happy TT and thanks for visiting my list.

2 Witches Blog - Mama Kelly said...

I think I plan to see every movie on your list (even if I wind up having to wait for the DVD)

Harry Potter is a huge obsession in our household. I have read all the books multiple times and knowing I get the next movie and the last book in the span of a week can nearly make me dance for joy.

Mama Kelly

PS thank you for posting on my Th13 .. its always good to find someone who gets the whole chronic back pain in your spouse thing

Literary Feline said...

You will be busy this summer, won't you? Great list of movies. There are several you mentioned that I would like to see.

Nicholas said...

Nice list. I'll probably see the Potter one. Maybe one or two more will go on my Netflix list, but not the kids flicks.

Suey said...

Thumbs up to Pirates, Harry, Transformers, John Cusack, Bourne, The Ocean guys. Thumbs down to Adam... I guess I just don't get him!

I love movies! Hey, I'm excited for that one about Jane Austen too. Not your normal blockbuster genre, but there may be some of us that will think it's pretty cool anyway! :)

Nancy said...

Holy Cow! I had no idea so many good movies were coming out. Right now, I get to drop off and pick my kids up at the movies. I see them when they come out on DVD.

Camille said...

Wow-what an informative post. I had no idea, I'm so out of the loop about movies these days. We even had to cut back on Netflix because we didn't even have time to watch those. Anyway, I have to catch up and see the second Pirates. I love Jack Sparrow, too. We even joked about naming our new daughter Quinn Sparrow. :) Evan Almighty definitely looks better than Bruce Almighty. I agree that Carell wins out over Carey. We are HUGE Ocean's 11 fans so we'll have to check out 13. And I'm excited to hear about Adam Sandler with Kevin James. That should be awesome. We love King of Queens and almost everything Adam Sandler's done.

Dewey said...

I'm interested in Stardust, 1408 and Harry Potter. I LOVE the Simpsons, but I'm sure the movie is going to ruin it all. So I'll wait and hear what people say about it.