Thursday, May 3, 2007

Thursday Thirteen # 8

As you can tell, I've been in the dumps the last few days. And it's rained all week, which goes a long way to explaining part of my attitude. So, I wasn't actually going to do a TT this week, but figured I might as well throw SOMETHING in. So I started looking at my blog and wondering why in the world, I have signed up for so many challenges. I think it's a way to keep my mind occupied. And I just like to read!! So I thought today's TT would be related to that!!

Thirteen Different Challenges I've signed up for (or MIGHT ....just so I can bang my head on a wall and say "What were you THINKING???)
***I'm not signed up for all of them....yet!!***

1…10:4 Challenge - I really LOVE the idea of this challenge. This is the challege to lose 10 pounds in 4 months!! May 1 to Sept. 1 (although I actually stepped on the scale yesterday, and decided to reach my goal weight, it would have to 25- 30 lbs!) If you are interested in joining us on this quest, check over at Stainless Steel Droppings for the rules. Everyone who joins in and completes it will be a winner!

2. 2007 TBR Challenge - This is/was my very first reading challenge. It started on January 1 and goes through the entire year to December 31st. The object is to take 12 books that have been on your TBR (or To Be Read list) for a while and make the effort to read them this year. It's a great way to clean out your bookshelves, although I have so many new books recomendations the TBR will never end!

3. Once Upon a Time Challenge 2007 - This one is sponsored by Carl at Stainless Steel Droppings (again!) and is great for the fantasy lover out there. There were a couple of different "Quests" that could be undertaken, but the most popular was to read a book from each of the following genres: Mythology, Folklore, Fairytale, and Fantasy. Culminate with a reading of Shapespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream (Because the challenge ends on June 21st - Midsummer Night's Eve).

4. Chunkster Challenge 2007 - This challenge is hosted by Bookfool at Bookfoolery and Babble. From Jan 1 - June 30 read some "Chunksters" - books that are over 400 pages!! Choose as many as you want to read, and just start! But it's not as easy as it sounds. These are some LONG books!!

5. Banned Books Challenge 2007 - This challenge is being sponsored by the Pelham library in Canada in an effort to celebrate Canadian "Freedom to Read" Week. I'm not Canadian, but all for Freedom to Read!! It runs from Feb. 26 to June 30. Just choose books on the ALA's Banned Book List, read and post!

6. Non-Fiction Five Challenge - This challenge JUST started. It is hosted by Joy from Thoughts of Joy. Pick 5 NON-fiction books and read them between May 1 and Sept 30. This one is tough for me because I read very little non-fiction. But some of the great non-fiction books out there actually made it a tough choice!

7. New York Times Notable Book Challenge - This one actually has it's own review blog! Every year the New York Times creates a list of the 100 Notable Books for that year. It is published in December. So we are trying to choose books from the 2006 list to read this year. Some Amazing reads, that's for sure!!

8. By the Decade Challenge - Michelle at 3M is hosting this challenge. It was originally supposed to be 15 books from 15 decades, but it has been switched around a bit fit everyone's needs. As many as you want as long as the decades are consecutive. A fun chance to read some "Classics" too, if you go back that far!

9. Spring Reading Thing 2007 - This challenge is hosted by Katrina at Callapidder Days . She has some great book giveaways too, BTW! This challege runs form March 21st - June 21st. Spring! Choose books you want to read and do it!! Also a change to get to know a whole host of new people!

  1. 10. Dystopian Challenge - Hosted by Lisa at Books. Lists. Life. (great new look to her blog, by the way!) Runs from now until November 6th. Choose books that fit the Dystopian/Utopia genre and read them during this time period. Interesting books to find here, that's for sure!!

11. Newberry Challenge- Hosted by Natalie at Nattie Writes , this is a FUN challenge. I love kids/young adult books!! The object is to pick 6 books of the Newberry Award Winning list and read them from May 15 - Dec. 31st. Can't wait to start on this one!!

12. Something About Me Challenge - Hosted by Lisa at Breaking the Fourth Wall, this is one of the more unique challenges I've seen. You are suppsed to come up with a list of five books that somehow represent who you are. Fiction and non-fiction . You will list them on the blog. Then in August 1st, you will choose a personal list from EVERYONE ELSE's list of books you want to read. Cool idea!!

13. Southern Reading Challenge 2007 - Hosted by Maggie at Maggie Reads, this is a chance for you to read some Southern Authors and in the mean time get some great information about the South! Read 3 books from June 1st through August 31st. Summer in the South!

If you'd like to learn more about any of these challenges, click on the link provided. Or check out the new blog Novel Challenges that Wendy at Caribousmom created. Here she lists all the challenges and links that are out there. New ones all the time!!

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Jennifer of Dog.Yarn.Knit. said...

I really liked your list. I didn't know about most of the challenges you listed.
I've kind of had a blah weekend, too. Blogging is good for the blues, so I'm glad you jumped in and did your T13.

Lynne said...

Hi - Just came over from Amy's Scavenger Hunt. I see you've joined a lot of the reading challenges. I have too! I love to read and read about books and other readers. Come visit my blog sometime!

kookiejar said...

Holy Smokes that's a lot of challenges. I've tried to keep mine down to 4 and I still feel like I'm swamped and falling behind....but I love it. At least you never have to look around to try and find something to read.

Stephanie said...

Oh...I haven't joined them all....Yet!

Lisa said...

Hey, thanks for the compliment on my new look! It's all thanks to Lindsay at . I love it myself.

Rhinoa said...

Wow that's a lot of reading! I have a pitiful 4 going at the moment...

Marg said...

Oh my goodness! I can't believe that you are signed up to so many challenges! I've stopped signing up to them because I was failing miserably at them, because in the end I have to be guided about what is due back to the library next when I look at which book I am going to pick up next.

Faerylandmom said...

I. Am. Drooling. I too, am quite a bookworm. I love reading more than just about anything else. However, I packed up my books for awhile, because I was neglecting everything else too much. Little things, like kids. LOL

Great list! Thanks for stopping by my blog. Happy TT!

Angela/SciFiChick said...

Holy crap, that's a lot of challenges!

MommyBa said...

That's really a lot of challenges you've joined in. Good luck and have fun in all those challenges :)

Happy Thursday!

Maggie said...

Hey, I love being lucky thirteen! How will you have time to blog! :D

Anonymous said...

That list makes me tired just reading it. LOL.

This Eclectic Life said...

Man! That's a lot of challenges. I don't even take them! Doesn't it take the fun out of reading a little bit? Hope you are feeling better.

Andi said...

The 10:4 idea is pure brilliance! That Carl is a smart cookie.

Tink said...

That's an interesting list of challenges! I'm not sure whether I'll join them, but it was fun to read about it.
Thanks for visiting my TT. I'm glad you know at least that most of what you see about wicca in movies is garbage. :-)

DebD said...

Whoa, this is a great list. I've come over from Amy's Random Thoughts. I've signed up for 1 challenge and its almost way too much - I can't imagine 13!!! As a fellow bibliophile I'm going to have to check out your blog a bit more - I love book lists and ideas.

Matt said...

I decided I could only handle one Challenge right now. This list makes me feel like a total slacker! Very impressive!

Titania Starlight said...

I really enjoyed your T13! One of teh best. I am of course a major book lover. So many books so little time. :o)

Thank you for commenting at my T13.

byoc said...

That would be a LOT of reading!
I'm running late, as usual, so my TT is finally up.