Thursday, May 10, 2007

Thursday Thirteen # 9

I wasn't going to do a TT today. Been a busy week, I hadn't thought of a topic, and didn't feel like listing the things on my desk! But I got an email this morning from my friend Kris. You know the of those mushy, make-you-cry, Chicken Soup for the Soul kind of stories. (and yes, I fell for it and actually shed a tear!) It was about a little boy that wanted to be a fireman and it got me thinking. What did I want to be when I was growing up? I can tell you, I certainly never spent my time dreaming of sitting in an office all day, dealing with office politics, going to hours of boring meetings and trying to hit deadlines! I had bigger dreams than this! But once you get to college, it seems the push is finding a career in which you can earn a decent living, not necessarily be happy. Which brings me to today's TT:

Thirteen Things I wanted to be when I grew up!

1….Writer - Oh come on. This is a book blog! Isn't it every reader's secret dream to BE a writer?? I can write. Give me a topic and I can write. For hours. I was great in Creative writing and speech classes....when given a topic. It's sitting in front of a blank piece of paper or a blank screen that was the kicker. I just don't think I have the creativity to come up with my OWN ideas! But that's ok....there are lots of people out there that can, and I can just read their stuff!

2. Doctor - When I was little, I was very sick. I spent a lot of time in hospitals and around doctors. I thought, "Wow. I could do this. I'd love to take care of kids just like me." Then one day, I was at a park in Pana. My brother was in a baseball tournament, and I was at the playground. I was probably 9 at the time. A little boy decided it would be a good idea to stand on top of the monkey bars and jump to the next set. Of course, he fell. He landed on his arm and it broke....right out of his skin. I happened to be standing there at the time. I almost passed out, and decided then and there that I could never be a doctor!

3. Girl Detective - Ok....YES, I read a lot of Nancy Drew books when I was younger. AND Trixie Belden. I can remember thinking what would be cooler than driving around in a blue convertible, having a boyfriend like Ned, and solving mysteries and crimes for the police??? I SO could have done this one!

4. Ballerina - Don't all little girls dream of being a ballerina? When I was 5, I took ballet lessons. I did this for a couple of years. I loved the outfits...and the shoes. I just hated the dancing lessons!! I started taking tumbling lessons at the same time, and found I liked the speed and power of tumbling over the grace and elegance of ballet. Figures!

5. Circus Acrobat - Yes....I really did want to run away and join the circus!! I loved to tumble. I was always doing cartwheels and flips around the house. Every year my grandfather would take me to the Shriner's Circus. Now my grandpa was a Shriner and a Mason. A real big-wig. (I didn't know this until his funeral) So he got great seats and we even got to go "back stage" and meet some of the performers. I loved the acrobats the best. They had beautiful, sparkly outfits and lots of makeup. Yep.....I thought I could do that!

6. Jockey - What can I say? I grew up on a farm and we had horses. I loved to ride. I had my own pony when I was little. Her name was Princess....and she was dapple grey, and I used to race her around the pastures. I was going to win the Kentucky Derby one day. But the hats killed it for me.

7. Singer - In 1978, my friend's mom took us to see Grease! Of course, I was only 7, and there was a lot about it I didn't understand. But I did know I wanted to be Olivia Newton John! She was so pretty and boy could she sing! Later on, I wanted to be more like Madonna. She was so cool.....but sadly, I don't have the talent! Still doesn't stop me from singing in the car though!

8. Astronaut - or just Starship Captain! My dad watched a lot of Star Trek, and I wanted to be part of that crew. Actually, I wanted to form a coup and overthrow Captain Kirk. I thought I would be WAY better than him! They needed a woman's touch! I actually thought going up in space would be cool, till I realized just how tight the space is in a rocket!! I'm WAY too claustrophobic to do that!

9. Vampire Slayer - I wasn't a little girl. I was a grown woman! Sue me. I still wanted to be Buffy! That girl could totally kick ass and take names. And I really liked Faith, the "Bad" Slayer. She was wicked cool. Still in the back of my head, I'm thinking I could do this!

10. Reporter - Again, back to the writing thing. After I saw Superman, I wanted to be Lois Lane. Super cool reporter that falls in love with Superman. (of course, that dream faded when I realized she couldn't be THAT great of a reporter if she wasn't smart enough to figure out Superman was Clark Kent without the glasses!)

11. Lawyer - I know, I know.....too many lawyers in the world today. But I actually thought when I went to college, that I would go on to law school. I lived 20 minutes, from Springfield, IL, and when I was in high school, I got a chance to be a page in the State House of Representatives. Now it sounds better than it really was.....running after pens, folders and lunch. But I loved being in the Sessions and feeling important. Of course PoliSci in college sucked!! I was way too liberal to get along with my very conservative professors. And it wasn't fun anymore. I was just too burned out on school to go another 3 years anyway.

12. Teacher - Looking back on things now, I realized I wanted to teach my junior year in college. I spent 10 hours a week tutoring some 3rd and 4th grades from the "other side of the tracks". They were great kids that had some serious disadvantages in life. I loved each of them and they worked hard for me. But I already had too many business hours in and didn't think I should change majors so late in the game. Not enough money to go another year or two. I should have just stuck with it.

13. Book Reviewer - I love books. I always wanted to see my name in print, in say the New York Times or the Chicago Trib reviewing books. Won't happen, but you can always look for my byline and reviews here!!

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kookiejar said...

Ha! I think we have about 6 of those in common. I would have added paleontologist (love dinosaurs) or archeologist (love Indiana Jones).

Angela/SciFiChick said...

#3 & 7 went for me too.

Mz Jackson said...

Don't worry girl, you'll be in those publications someday!
I wanted to be in the circus, too! I used to read an old book called Toby Tyler about a boy who ran away with the circus. I was fascinated by the whole thing. And Nancy Drew! She was my big time hero.

FRIGGA said...

Great idea for a TT13, mind if I steal it one of these Thursdays? Well Happy TT13, mines up at

Mitchypoo said...

Great list! I wanted to be a playboy bunny, but only for the costume, I had no idea what they did! Hope you visit my TT!

The Rock Chick said...

Hi Jennifer, (sorry, couldn't resist!)

Nancy Drew rocks!!! Anyone who ever wanted to be her is ok in my book!! This is coming from someone though who wanted to be a high heel wearing cashier when she grew up!!!!!

Happy TT!!!!
Jessica (Jennifer) The Rock Chick

Starrlight said...

Great list and of course we want to be writers! Thanks for stopping by =)

Ingrid said...

you have a very bright future ahead of you!!!! good luck to you!!! great T13 list this week!

Chris said...

Great answers! Haha, Vampire Slayer, I like that one. Fits right in there with the others ;)

Lori said...

Great idea...I wonder if I can think of 13????

Susan Helene Gottfried said...

Hey, if you're writing book reviews here, you're a book reviewer. Period. Don't let the sobs tell you otherwise.

I wanted to be a jockey, too. I'm the right height but my mother refused. out-and-out refused.


Happy TT!

Gentle Reader said...

I have a bunch of wannabe careers in common with you! I had a similar experience dissuade me from becoming a doctor, too :)

Tink said...

We have a lot of those in common! I write, therefore I'm a writer, *LOL*. Don't give up on your dreams. :-)
Thanks for visiting my TT!

Anonymous said...

Great list, Steph.

Literary Feline said...

I may just have to borrow this idea in case I ever decide to participate in Thursday Thirteen. Great idea and terrific list! Thank you for sharing your memories with us.

Matt said...

I still want to be a Book Reviewer, maybe for a small local paper, if they'd want one. I think it would be great fun. Your list made me think about a lot of the things I wanted to do when I grew up, good times. It is funny how I didn't grow up to be any of them, and maybe a little sad...

Andi said...

I'm thrilled to find someone else who wanted to be both a circus performer AND vampire slayer! We're kindred!

K 3 said...

Hey Stopped by from the scavenger hunt ... a very interesting TT.
We match on quite a few things
(I am still am a bathroom singer and enjoy every minute of it! :)) said...

So many are similar with me too! How fantastic, I could never do cartwheels though so circus would be out for me:(

Chris said...

Hey Stephanie, I tagged you for a meme. Have a look on my blog

FRIGGA said...

I just wanted to let you know I posted the answers to last Thursdays Yes or No Q's. It's up at Any Apples