Saturday, October 24, 2009

Library Loot, a Couple of ARC's and a Cheerleader....Again!

Every since our library system went online, I've been grabbing books left and right. It is just so easy to log on to the system, look up the books that I'm interested in, and click that little button that says "hold". Now, each week, one of the friendly librarians call me and say my holds have come in. I have books waiting for me. When I had to ask someone to order the books for me, I had far fewer ILL books checked out. Sometimes, I think that would be better. I'm not the quickest reader these days. Just not enough time. And yet, I still have over 40 books checked out from the library!! Crazy, I tell you. Just crazy!

But some are must have's. Others are whims. And some, I've been waiting on for awhile. So without further adieu, this week's library loot:

First and foremost, is The Ask and the Answer by Patrick Ness. I debated for about a minute on requesting this book. It's the sequel to The Knife of Never Letting Go. But as much as I want to read this one, I'm worried that I'll be even more uptight once I finish. I mean, what will I do till the trilogy is finished??? How will I ever sleep at night?? But, in the end, I couldn't wait. Had to order it right away.

Make Lemonade by Virginia Euwer Wolff is actually book 1 in a trilogy of books. Because book 2 is on the list of Michael Printz Award books, I figured I'd better read Book 1 first! It is one of my big quests to read every book on this list by the end of next year!

The Night Watch by Sergei Lukyanenko is a books about vampires. It is a Russian book that is the first in a series. I'm reading it A. for the Orbis Terrarum challenge and B. because it's a vampire book (and do I really need a reason to read a vampire book???)

SOOOO many people have told me that I need to read one of Michelle Moran's books. So, I requested Nefertiti. I love the cover. I love the time period. And hopefully, I will love the book itself!!

The next book is Geektastic: Stories from the Nerd Herd. This is one of those books that I have seen popping up all over the internet. It's a book of short stories by YA authors. And it looks really good. Sounds like a great addition to the "pile"!

Monster by A. Lee Martinez is a total impulse pick-up. You know how I'm distracted by shiny objects? Well, this cover is a total shiny object. I saw it and was captivated!! A cool cover is half the battle. Hopefully the book will be as good as the cover.

Elfland by Freda Warrington is another totally impulse pickup. I was skimming the books in the New Books section of our library, when this one caught my eye. A beautiful cover. A story of faeries. And magic. Couldn't get a book that sounds more perfect!

Cirque du Freak: Book 1 A Living Nightmare by Darren Shan is the first book in the Cirque du Freak series. The kids want to see the movie, The Vampire's Assistant. Figured I might want to read a few of the books and see if I like the series.

Heart-Shaped Box by Joe Hill is a book I've wanted to read forever. I actually bought it when it was released. Then it was stolen by my brother, and I haven't seen it since! Decided it would be a good book to finish up the RIP I just decided to get it from the library. Who knows? Maybe I'll actually see my copy again someday!

Another impulse pickup is Zombie Blondes by Brian James. Isn't that like the creepiest cover??? Besides, it's another zombie book, and right now I'm all about the zombies!!

Fallen by Lauren Kate is an ARC that I received in the mail this week. Not sure if I'll like it. The whole Fallen Angel thing may be getting a bit overdone these days. Let's hope for a better book that Hush, Hush.

The Wrong Mother by Sophie Hannah is another ARC that I received for review. It's a murder mystery/thriller. Looks like it could be good!!

Finally, today is Dewey's Read-a-Thon!! Although I can't participate because of work, I will be cheering y'all along, especially in the wee hours of the night. When you need the most cheering. So, I'm getting my pom poms out....dusting them off, and gearing up for a long night. Good luck to all who are participating!!


Trish said...

Yay for cheerleaders! You guys are what make this event so much fun. :)

DesLily said...

40 books?? holy cow! lol lol.. well if you get to the Martinez book I will be curious of your thoughts.. I've read 3 of his books.. loved was good. the other not so good. so I am curious

sassymonkey said...

I always think of online library book requesting as online shopping without the bill or the guilt. Plus, as multiple librarians have told me, requesting books is good for the library. Dissolved any guilt I had about requesting more than I could reasonably read, though for my sanity I've cut back a bit.

Eva said...

I'm POSITIVE my library's online hold system is why I have so many books checked out! :) I get e-mails, though, rather than phone calls (that's what I requested). And as Sassymonkey already commented, the librarians have told me it's good to request books! (As long as you pick them up...there's a sign in my closest branch telling patrons that it's bad to not pick up holds, and how much it costs the library! lol)

burrum said...

I envy you being able to take out so many books from your library.
The limit on our books here is 15, which is probably good in a way, otherwise I wouldn't be able to walk out the door.
Plus our time period is for 3 weeks, but you can extend if no-one else has a reserve.
Like you I am able to browse through our library catalogue and reserve on line. Then when the book(s) are available, I get sent an email.
always enjoy reading through other readers book titles, especially as here in Australia, we don't get much advertising on the boks that you have on offer overseas.

Marg said...

Good reading there Stephanie!

I love being able to browse online and request books as needed! Too often that leads to being overwhelmed by library outs though!

Clover said...

I'm so jealous. Can you believe that I'm restricted to 15 titles at my library. 15. Horrible.

I really, really want to read Geektastic and Zombie Blondes!