Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Wednesday Randomness

I have a question to ask all of you, dear readers. Now that I've finished reading The Knife of Never Letting Go, I'm having problems getting into another book. I've tried starting a couple. I've read a few short stories. I'm working on a graphic novel. But I just can't sink my teeth into anything. Do you ever have this problem: when you finish a book that completely exceeds expectations; a book that is just so good you can't even review it properly; do you have a hard time reading something else?? I've hit slumps before. Usually a good book pulls me OUT of a slump, not puts me IN one! But I can't think of any other reason I'd be having problems. This is my favorite reading time of the year!!

I really wish I was able to read in Dewey's Read-a-thon this weekend. :( So sad, but I'm working. I'll be checking in periodically. Mostly just to cheer y'all on!! I'll be the one online when everyone else is asleep!! I keep seeing everyone's stack of books for the big day, and it just makes me sad. One of these days....speaking of that, Bethany posted this last night. If you can't make Dewey's Read-a-thon, she's hosting another 24-hour read-a-thon on Dec. 5th. I'm thinking this one might actually be doable for me!! We'll see if the stars line up just right!! Regardless, if you have the time, join in the fun!

Not much else going on right now. The only thing that seems to be holding my reading attention right now is a graphic novel by Garth Ennis: Preacher: Gone to Texas. It's bloody and violent as all hell....but I'm having a lot of fun with it. My little brother recommended it. We've been emailing/tweeting/facebooking lately. He gave me a huge laundry list of Graphic Novels to pick up. The boy is warped, so who knows what he'll have me reading!! Of course, you'll find out soon, I'm quite sure.

On the home front, Miss Bella came home from school yesterday literally jumping up and down. The 4th graders are putting on a Christmas play this year: Santa Goes Green (how environmentally friendly can you get?). She tried out for the female lead of Mrs. Santa Claus. She's been talking about it for weeks. And guess what? She got the part!! She's SOOOOOO excited. AND she has a solo to sing. Not a whole song, but a verse. And lots of lines to learn. It's going to be work, but I can't wait. The excitement on her little face was enough to make my entire week!!

We were supposed to do a "haunted house" this past weekend, but the girls got skittish at the last minute. But we've been thinking about taking Friday off and hauling Chad up to Joliet for the Statesville Prison Haunted House. It seriously looks like the thing nightmares are made from, but Chad and Mike are just drooling over the idea. Me? Saw a trailer of it....and saw me some clowns. I can handle just about anything but that. They really creep me out!

This is like my new favorite song. I heard it on Eastwick the other night, and I just HAD to find it. Isn't it great?? It's called No Heaven by DJ Champion!!

That's about it for me today. Just not much going on. Not much to talk about. Hopefully, I can change that in the next few days. Till then....later!!


Chris said...

I with you on the clowns. They creep me out too. Congrats to Bella! Awesome.

Too bad you can't do the Read-a-thon. I'll read a book for you ;)

As for the slump, all I can say is keep reading until you find the right book.

Tina's Blog said...

I totally understand your reading slump. Often when I have read a book that is sooooo good it is hard for me to find something else I want to read. And then, even when I do, it is like I am comparing the next book to the exceedingly high standard the previous book met. So, what might be a great book only looks mediocre because of the great book I just finished. Hope that makes sense :)
Hope you find something great to read soon!

DesLily said...

it really is hard moving on when a book overwhelms you. you are doing good with a graphic novel.. you really need to find something totally TOTALLY different so there is no compairing what you are reading to what you can't get out of your head!
what I had to do was to pick some books out and read the first chapter on each book to see if any would grab me.. I did that until I thought .. ok.. maybe this one.. and it usually works but I will set aside some 3-5 books to find that one.

Kailana said...

When I am in a slump I just keep picking up a book until one catches my attention!

Lynn said...

That song.... sometimes I put it on repeat and just let it play. It's embarrassing how many times I'll listen to it in a row.

Debi said...

Yes, that definitely happens to me! Super fabulous books always do that to me. Which is why even though I have TAATA started, I'm not going to read it tomorrow during the read-a-thon. I just know, I won't want to start anything else immediately after I finish it.

How cool for Bella! Can't wait to see pics. (hint, hint)